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"I could turn into a bird, or make a rose bloom. And I saw actual Fillory! And I banged a werewolf - yes, that is weird, but also rad, because who gets to do that? And I wasn't just some extremely average nobody; I was gifted. I didn't just belong somehwere, I belonged everywhere because I was a magician."
―Josh Hoberman[src]

Josh Hoberman was a Brakebills student who was part of the missing class of Third-year students whose members vanished under mysterious circumstances in 2014.


Early Life

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Attending Brakebills University

Traveling to Fillory

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Lost in the Neitherlands

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Returning to Earth

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Magic and Abilities


  • Wellspring Magic Manipulation: Josh Hoberman is able to manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with his hands, forming phosphorescent constructs of energy.
    • Herbalism: Josh is a Natural Magic student with a discipline in herbalism, making him able to grow plants with magical attributes. He uses this largely for drugs, particularly growing a magical strain of marijuana that allows whoever smokes it to perceive other worlds, like the Fairy Realm or Underworld.


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