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Julia Ogden Wicker is a talented magician and Quentin Coldwater's best friend since childhood. After being rejected by Brakebills University, Julia spiraled down a dark path in her pursuit of magic, eventually finding her way to the magical underbelly of New York City and joining the Hedge Witches in a safe house led by Marina Andrieski. After Julia and Marina cut ties, she questions her abuse of magic and where it led her, eventually joining Free Trader Beowulf in their mission to summon a god.

Julia and Kady Orloff-Diaz, newly expelled from Brakebills, search for Persephone for their petition, but were fooled by Reynard the Fox, who killed the members of Free Trader Beowulf and assaulted Julia, who later begged Marina to remove her memories of the event. After Ember inadvertently restored them, Julia—filled with vengeance—became determined to find Reynard and kill him without regard for anyone in her path, even forming a partnership with The Beast to help her succeed. However, after the Beast was killed by Quentin and his friends, Julia and Kady searched for other means, ultimately using the power of John Gaines, Reynard's demigod son, whom Julia planned on killing in order to steal his demigod powers. This plan failed, but in the end Julia and Kady exposed John to his magical side, something he couldn't repress after being exposed to, which revealed him to his father Reynard, and the latter mentally tortured him and drove him to suicide. John used mind magic to force Kady to kill him and harvest his powers for the purpose of creating a weapon powerful enough to kill Reynard, which is all Julia cared about at this time.

The culmination of Julia's plans for Reynard were halted when Persephone, Reynard's mother, appeared and convinced Julia to spare him. As a reward, Julia was given Reynard’s spark, beginning Julia's path to becoming a goddess. Julia nurtured the power until she got stronger setting her on the path to become a fully-realized goddess, but ultimately sacrificed her powers to recreate the Seven Golden Keys in order the help Elliot, Margo and Quentin restore magic to the universe. After losing her divinity, Julia's memories were erased and she was given the identity of Kimber D'Antoni.


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Early Life[]

Julia Ogden Wicker was born in 1992 in Montclair, New Jersey. She was raised alongside her sister, Mackenzie, and met her best friend Quentin Coldwater in grade school. Julia introduced Quentin to the Fillory and Further books, and the two bonded over their love for the series. One day, Julia and Quentin drew a map of Fillory beneath the table in her parents' kitchen, making plans to explore Fillory together.[2] She attended Columbia University, where she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in political science and literature.

Learning about Magic[]

Julia finds herself at Brakebills facing the same entrance exam as Quentin. Julia, however, fails and is denied access to Brakebills. She argues with Professor Van der Weghe when she's told she won't be allowed to attend the school, urging him to reconsider. When it becomes clear that her arguments aren't going to succeed, she manages to cut into her arm with a sharp piece of jewelry, as a way of remembering the events at the school.

Waking later with her memories wiped, Julia tries to remember when she cut her arm, eventually remembering fragments of what happened to her and leading her to research magic intensely. She eventually finds a spell on the internet to shoot sparks from her fingers, ultimately proving herself right: She can do magic. This develops into an obsession that overtakes everything in her life. Her boyfriend James contacts Quentin for help and reminds him that Julia's birthday is coming up. At the party, Julia shows Quentin the sparks spell, revealing that she remembers Brakebills, and wants them to test her again. Quentin, protecting his own status as a student at Brakebills, tells Julia to move on and find something else to do with her life. The words come out more harshly than he seems to have intended and the two friends split on bad terms.

A stranger follows Julia to the bathroom and attacks with magic. In a bid to protect herself, she shoots even greater sparks from her hands. It turns out the attack was a test, which Julia passed. The stranger, a man named Pete, takes her to a collective of Hedge Witches, where she is tested once again alongside another girl. The two of them are sealed in a meat locker, with a (temporarily) reanimated corpse, and must use the limited resources at hand to find a way to escape. When the two succeed in escaping, the other girl reveals herself to be Marina Andrieski, "top bitch in New York", who announces that she likes Julia and agrees to teach her.

Unlike the students at Brakebills, the Hedges have to hunt for every single spell and ritual. Despite their limited resources, Julia learns quickly, attaining a number of stars -- the Hedge Witch method of awarding achievements in magical skill or knowledge.

Eventually, Quentin and Eliot Waugh appear at the Safehouse, in search of a book stolen from Brakebills. They are rebuffed by the Hedge Witches, Julia included. This leads to an impromptu reunion and an even harsher argument between Julia and Quentin, in which Quentin degrades the Hedge Witches, telling Julia that she's "better than this", in addition to bringing up the fact that she knew he was attracted to her and ignored it. She responds by asking if she's being punished for that, then asks him if he loves magic, because she does. Julia leaves Quentin on the street and returns to the safehouse.[3]

Later, Marina and Julia trap Quentin in a Scarlatti Web.[4] The trap turns out to be an elaborate ruse by Marina to force Dean Fogg to lower the Brakebills wards and allow Marina to regain knowledge and memories from her time at Brakebill. When Julia realizes how dangerous the spell is for Quentin, she tries to end the ordeal, leaving Marina to try to help Quentin. Her efforts are rebuffed, and she leaves Brakebills with Marina once more. However, Marina is upset with Julia for her betrayal, and expels her from the safe house, marking her as a rejected Hedge Witch by burning the stars on her arm. Julia returns to her apartment, where James confronts her about her erratic behavior. Julia "admits" to an Adderall addiction, showing him a sobriety chip as evidence that she's been attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Julia returns to the safehouse, demanding that Pete return her spells. Pete claims not to want her to get hurt, saying that Marina is the boss, whether or not he agrees with it. Though she pretends that everything is back to normal, telling James that she's working on a paper and baking, Julia continues to research magic by herself. When an internet spell results in burns, she calls Pete, who tends to her injury. The two of them have sex, which Julia tries to leverage into access to magic. Pete tells her about another safe house, but Julia finds it lacking--she already knows what they have to teach. Pete suggests that the two of them go away together to find other, bigger safehouses. Julia refuses, saying that she loves her boyfriend, James.

When Julia tries to go back to her old life by meeting James in a pastry shop, she finds that his memories of her have been stolen. Now truly alone, Julia angrily returns to Marina's safehouse to confront Pete, but leaves unsatisfied.[5]

When she returns to the other safehouse, she is rejected. Another rejected Hedge which, Kady 's mother, Hannah recognizes Julia as another outcast and convinces Julia to work together. Julia learns everything Hannah can teach. Once they are both the same level, the ladies decide to move forward and learn more. Determined, Julia formulates a plan to steal Marina's knowledge. Hannah introduces Kady, dragging her in on the plan, but things get tense as Kady reveals how Hannah was outcast. Nevertheless, Kady plays her part in the plan, delivering the spell Julia wrote to Marina. Unfortunately, Marina sets a trap and kills Hannah.[6]


Julia is released from police custody, where she gave what testimony she could about Hannah's death. Her sister, Mackenzie Wicker, picks Julia up and takes her home before announcing her intention to stay with Julia. When Julia balks, it is revealed that their mother is a very well connected person that could have Julia locked away. It is implied that she did exactly that to Julia and Mackenzie's father. Traumatized and lost, Julia enters rehab, where she tries to learn to live life without magic again.[7]

While Julia struggles to write a letter to Quentin, Marina visits her and states that in killing Hannah, she was just protecting herself from a thief. She also warned Julia not to come to mess with her again, before leaving. In a group session, she hears a man preaching about God and calls him out for trying to trick people with a "crutch". Richard Corrigan, the preacher then invites Julia to join him for private sessions. Within the private sessions, he reveals he is a magician and begins to guide her towards repentance and helpful magic. Julia is skeptical but after performing a spell Richard gives her, she becomes convinced of the existence of a higher, god-level power. Richard tells her that the presence she felt was a goddess, which he and his coven refer to as "Our Lady Underground".

As Julia finds her way back to magic with Richard's help, she finds a peaceful coven that eventual plan to meet up at Julia's flat and summon Our Lady Underground. Kady shows up as the entire coven meets face-to-face for the first time. Though there is initial tension between the two, they settle their differences in the aftermath of Hannah's murder to prepare the magical ritual that is needed for them to "level up". As they perform a myriad of spells together, the interactions between the two become less awkward and they a bond begins to form between them.

After summoning Our Lady Underground, the coven realized that they had been tricked by Reynard the Fox, a trickster god that purposefully misleading the devout. Reynard proceeded to kill nearly everyone present either through ripping the heart out, snapping their neck or possession. Reynard stole Richard's body and tried to kill Kady but Julia interfered. This allowed Kady to escape but Reynard then raped Julia. This left her "God Touched", alone, scared and powered up. Later she would find out it also left her pregnant. After she awoke from the encounter, Julia contacted Marina. Marina found Julia covered in blood trying to clean up the other coven members. The only thing Julia asked was for Marina to wipe her memory of the entire event and give her something else, Marina agreed. 

Because she had no memories of what Reynard did, Julia believed that the coven succeeded in summoning Our Lady Underground and joined Quentin and the other Brakebill students in their quest to defeat the Beast.

Making a Deal with Martin[]

Julia and Martin Chatwin arrived on Earth, where they sealed the terms of their partnership with a Word as Bond. While grinding out a plan to trap and kill Reynard, Martin offered Julia the chance to have her Shade removed, thus ending her pain, and subsequently losing her humanity. He promptly begins the procedure when she expressed her curiosity, reaching his hand into her soul to grasp her Shade, to which Julia gasped at the sensation of her troubles momentarily vanishing. However, Julia ultimately rejects Martin's offer, ordering him to put her Shade back in place, from which she needed to catch her breath as the pain hit her all over again. Recovering, she continues to plan their attack on Reynard.

As she created the foundations for a mock summoning, similar to the one her and the members of Free Trader Beowulf used, Martin explored her apartment, singing as he waited for her to finish. When Julia pointed out his hindrance to the process, he begs out suggestions to help, in that she should try a new symbol to summon the god, since Reynard would recognize the old one. Martin also suggests using bait, which he delivers to Julia a captured Marina. Julia disagrees with using a hostage but asks Marina for help, which is rejected. Julia meets with Quentin, who warns her of the Magicians' plan to kill the Beast and wants her to cut ties with Martin. She rejects it, seeing Martin as the only one who could kill Reynard, and the two do not reach a mutual agreement. But before leaving, Julia does warn Quentin that Castle Whitespire was cursed by Martin. Marina returns to Julia's apartment, agreeing to help, and the two Hedge Witches and the Beast continue the efforts in taking down Reynard.[8][9]

She, Marina, and Martin went to an abandoned warehouse so Marina could perform the ritual to lure out Reynard. As she was performing it, Martin teleported himself and Julia away from the area, to prevent Reynard from discovering their trap. Julia made her way back to the warehouse to find Marina gone, and Martin predicted the Fox answered the summons but wanted to stalk Marina to her home rather than attack her on the spot. The two made it to Marina's apartment but she set wards up, preventing them from helping as she was being tortured by Reynard. They took down the wards and Martin was able to trap Reynard. As Julia was preparing to stab him with the knife Penny arrived and grabbed the Beast. Julia grabbed Penny, trying to stop him and she dropped the knife. Penny teleported them all to Fillory where the Physical Kids were prepared to attempt to kill Martin, but Julia stood in the way and Quentin was forced to intervene, saving Julia but allowing Martin to escape. After that Julia was promptly brought back to Earth by Penny. After trying to tell Penny to take her back to Fillory, he merely stated it wasn't his problem to deal with. Julia, in spite, snagged and broke the two charms which enabled the Traveler to control his already cursed hands, much to Penny's dismay. Julia returned to Marina's apartment where she found Marina's mangled body, Reynard and the magic knife were gone.[10]

Quest to kill a God[]

After this failure, Julia located her friend Kady who had relapsed into her heroin addiction after the events of Reynard's attack. Julia helped Kady recover and enlisted her in her quest to kill Reynard. Using a spell the pair stole from the Brakebills library to temporarily resurrect Marina, they attained from her the knowledge that Reynard was on earth in the 80's and left a trail of murder and rape in his wake until a powerful hedge witch, Dana, banished him. Julia and Kady began searching for Dana but soon realized Julia was pregnant with Reynard's child. When they located Dana she held Julia against her will stating that she banished Reynard all those years ago by harnessing the power of the birth of her child, a product of Reynard's sexual assault on Dana. The demigods birth provided enough magic to banish him, she told Julia that she must undergo birthing his child in order to banish him once again. Kady was able to locate Julia and rescue her, taking Dana's Haxenpaxen (a magical creature that provides a type of 'invisibility' from magical detection, even gods) leaving Dana unprotected from Reynard who quickly found and killed her.

When attending an appointment to abort the demigod fetus, it displayed powerful magic controlling the minds of the staff at the abortion clinic and forcing the physician to kill herself. Julia and Kady were left seeking assistance from the underground magical community, specifically a Mudang, who specializes in such matters. The hefty cost of such a ritual led Julia and Kady to work with Quentin and his friends to rob a bank. After the robbery, Julia underwent the ritual and aborted the child, but during the procedure, her Shade was damaged.


Without her shade, Julia felt a tremendous relief from her previous trauma. No longer bound by shame, fear, regret, or pain, only a desire to achieve her goal and kill Reynard at all costs. Julia's behavior without her shade became selfish and reckless, no longer bound by morality or empathy, often endangering the lives of those she previously cared for with no thought to their wellbeing as long as it furthered her goals. Quentin sent Julia to Fillory to keep her safe from Reynard and find something that could conceal her from him. Making a deal with the Lorian illusion magician Illario, she acquired a charm that could make her undetectable to a god. Upon returning to earth, Julia, Kady, and Penny located Reynard and Dana's child, Senator John Gaines, Julia produced a knife and expressed a plan to kill John and use his demigod energy to kill Reynard. Kady and Penny prevented Julia from harming the senator and instead kidnapped him, taking him to Brakebills where he would be safe behind the schools protective wards. After Julia nearly got her best friend Quentin killed by using him as a potential weapon against Reynard (Quentin having niffin Alice sealed within him), Kady locked Julia within the 'clean room' in Brakebills, preventing her from using any magic. Telling Julia that she was simply too dangerous and reckless. Julia then began reflecting on the person she once was.

After being released from the clean room by Henry Fogg Julia began to carefully consider her actions and how they affected those around her based on her memories of empathy and what her previous self would have done. Quentin accompanied Julia to the underworld to locate her shade. While in the underworld Julia learned the true identity of Our Lady Underground, The goddess Persephone. Upon finding her shade, Quentin also found Alice's shade. They could only bring back one and after reflecting on the right thing to do, Julia opted to bring back Alice's shade and leave her Shade behind to help her friends over herself. Julia assisted in using Alice's shade to restore niffin Alice to human form and then began working with Kady and John to find a way to kill Reynard without killing John, Stating that it was possible for John to simply learn magic to kill Reynard himself. They learned that Reynard was killing hedge witches who prayed to and tried to summon Persephone because he once loved her until she abandoned him. After Reynard killed John's wife as punishment for working with Julia and Kady and attempting to force John to embrace his hate in an attempt to make John more like him, John committed suicide by forcing Kady to kill him so she and Julia could use his energy to create a weapon against Reynard.

Julia forged a god killing Bullet from Johns energy and set a trap for Reynard with Kady. The two used magic to simulate a storm that was often the setting for the appearance of Persephone on earth, fooling Reynard into believing she had returned. When Reynard arrived Julia was able to surprise him by using the invisibility charm she acquired in Fillory but before she could fire the gun, the storm instantly cleared and Reynard and Kady were frozen where they stood. At that moment Persephone appeared, pleading with Julia to spare Reynard because he was her son and warning her that killing a god had dire consequences. Appealing to Julia's capacity for mercy Persephone left the choice to Julia who ultimately decided to spare Reynard and allow Persephone to take him away. Kady was furious at Julia for essentially wasting John's death and leaving Reynard alive after everything they'd been through. After Kady stormed off, Julia discovered her shade waiting for her, a gift from Persephone.

The Loss of Magic[]

With her shade restored, Julia was hit with all her emotions and trauma once again, compounded by the actions and choices she made without her shade. She remained alone in her apartment processing her trauma, experiencing panic attacks. Eliot then visited Julia to obtain the invisibility charm and, in an attempt to give Julia reprieve from her pain, asked her to help him and Quentin save Fillory from Ember. Julia traveled with Quentin to Vancouver to Umbers home and after Umber took Quentin into his pocket world within a snow globe, Julia grabbed it and entered Fillory through the clock portal. When Ember began to destroy Fillory Julia shook the snow globe forcing Umber to exit his pocket world with Quentin right in front of Ember. Ember flew into a rage at his brother's betrayal and killed him. When Ember killed Umber Julia used the same spell she used to forge the god-killing bullet to create a god-killing sword out of Umbers energy. She provoked Ember to distract him while Quentin summoned the sword into his hands and stabbed Ember, Killing him. The murder of Ember, at the hands of a human, had severe consequences as warned by Persephone. The Old Gods, responsible for the creation of reality itself, in response to a human murdering a god, cut off access to magic from all worlds. Only creatures that are inherently magical (having magic in their DNA) were capable of using any magic, with all other magicians left powerless and all previous spells and enchantments slowly fading away.

Shortly after the loss of magic, Julia contacted Quentin and met with him on the Brakebills grounds which were no longer protected by its magical wards. She then showed Quentin something remarkable, She used a spell to summon sparks of energy from her fingertips, displaying an ability to still use magic. Quentin and Julia then began studying Julia's capabilities, Quentin believing that she may be the key to restoring all magic.

Path to Godhood[]

Julia began receiving messages from an unknown source through possessed people with milky white eyes. The entity instructed Julia on how she should be using the spark of magic within her. After Julia used the Truth Key while facing a mirror, it was revealed that it was Persephone that had been guiding her. It was then revealed that the source of Julia's magic had come from Reynard, having been taken from him by Persephone as punishment and given to Julia as a gift for her mercy in not killing him when she had the chance.

Over time, Julia discovered that her little amount of magic became stronger as she helped other people. Julia's first brush of godly power was shown when she healed Skye. Once she realized that Skye's necklace was killing her, Julia's eyes glowed a bright golden yellow and she froze Skye in time and healed her. 

Julia began to hear prayers of people from Fillory calling her "the Lady of the Tree" after she restored the Fillorian sentient forest to full growth (which she had previously destroyed while without her shade). Julia is then greeted by the Messenger Goddess Iris who tells her that they need to have a talk. Julia is told by Iris that she is now a full-fledged goddess and is to begin her training. When Julia mentions that she and her friends are in the middle of a quest, Iris assures her that her friends will be fine continuing without her. After saying goodbye to Quentin, Julia leaves with Iris to Iris' sanctuary, where she hears prayers, builds worlds, and comes to think.

Despite Iris' reassurances, Julia's thoughts remain preoccupied with her friends, who she still has a strong empathetic connection with. Julia meets up with her friends at Castle Blackspire after Alice, who is convinced that magic would be better off gone, has destroyed the Seven Golden Keys. Julia tells Quentin that his bravery was what made her realize her purpose and proceeds to "horcrux" seven brand new keys in the same way that Prometheus had done. After she had finished remaking the keys, Julia was left incredibly weakened and stated that she is, "not connected to anything anymore." The team is able to bring magic back but they are promptly intercepted by Librarians and Irene McAllistair  who capture them and place the Siphon on the newly restored magic.[11]

Alter Ego[]

After the Librarians wipe Julia's mind and give her a new life, she lives as Kimber D'Antoni, a successful architect. However, one day, as Kim is walking down the street, one of her papers flies out of her hand. In pursuit of her lost page, Kim stumbles upon a closed gate. After a few moments of hesitation, she decides to hop the fence and continue, pushing her way through a thick bramble. Thus, for the second time in her life, walking right onto the Brakebills campus. Here, she meets Todd, waiting for her akin to how Eliot waited for Quentin before his entrance exam, Todd tells her that she is late for the exam and leads her to the classroom. Kimber sits down and starts her exam. Kimber flunks miserably, getting every question wrong. However, Dean Fogg is intrigued by her because she is the person that caused the magic globe, used to detect magical potential, to short out. Contrastingly, her inability to correctly answer a single question prompts Fogg to inspect her through a coloured magic lens but it instantly shatters. However, we, and likely Dean Fogg, are able to see her true form, Julia Wicker. Dean Fogg decides to allow her to matriculate at Brakebills in order to keep a closer eye on her and keep her safe. 

At school, it has become painfully clear that Kim is completely unable to do any magic whatsoever and is being called a "squib" by the other students. She says that she really wants to keep trying, magic is "who she is," reminding Dean Fogg of another young woman that he rejected from Brakebills and suffered badly (Julia), and he wants not to let that happen to "Kimber". He advises her to be patient, so she is. 

However, at the discovery that Dean Fogg was leaving the school, she confronted Dean Fogg, who eventually explains the nature of the personality altering spell he has been cursed with (by Marina), and that if he undoes the spell then it will reveal to others that the spell isn't permanent. Kim quickly realises that she is one of the victims of the spell. Later, Kim encounters Dean Fogg once again, in the hallway, and offers her help if he would just remove the spell from her. Dean Fogg warns her that the spell's defense mechanisms can be incredibly dangerous, and at least, she should be careful. 

After Dean Fogg leaves the school, Kim discusses with Todd about the nature of their predicament. Kim notices that Todd's spell to create a drink didn't work because they ran out of magic, however, the spell Dean Fogg cast on them is still functional and never fizzles out. Todd discloses that Fogg had been working on a "perpetual battery" and the two set out to find it. 

They finally encounter it in the Brakebills' laboratory. It is a large, glowing orb made of many spinning disks. Kim touches it and is violently thrown across the room. She breaks her neck on impact and is dead. A few moments later, she jolts awake, breathes and sits up. She jokes, "maybe my discipline is not dying." She goes to touch the orb once again and is thrown across the room again, dying in the process. She wakes up once more and hypotheses that if she continues this, she can overload the battery and cause the spell to fail. Thus, Kim continues to touch the battery, get thrown across the room, die, get up, touch the battery and repeat. She does this until she touches the battery and isn't thrown, the battery is empty, fades and shuts down. Her glamour starts to falter and she glitches between her alter ego and her real self until her real self is restored. Her plan has worked.

Between Human and Goddess[]

Back in Dean Fogg's office, the Dean has returned. Julia asks where everyone else is and is extremely upset. She outlines the fact that it is Dean Fogg's fault that she and her friends are currently targets and she least he could do is cast a locator spell for her. 

She joins the team at Marina's apartment, where they are devising a plan on getting access to Deweys, the current magic currency imposed by the Library, but they need a black card to get the number of coins they need. The counterfeit magician they call, Frankie, produces their counterfeit but they need someone to hold the "bad luck bear" and experience any bad luck that the counterfeit offsets with its good luck. Julia, aware of her immortality, offers to hold the bear but "something" about her interferes with the bear's good luck magic and she must give the bear to  Quentin. During the heist, Julia stops Quentin from listening to a voicemail he receives from his mother until after he stops being a beacon for bad luck. They both realise it is likely about his father who has cancer. After the heist is over and the bear is removed from Quentin's possession, she lets him listen. 

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Eventually, after the Monster realises his sister requires a body that is much stronger than a human body. Therefore, he teleports to Kady's apartment and kidnaps Julia right in front of Penny. She is taken to a stone altar in the forest where the Monster has restored his sister but she dwells in a normal human, who is quickly deteriorating. Julia starts to attempt to escape but the Monster stops her easily. Julia begins to pray to Persephone but angrily stops, demanding that Persephone intervene right now if she truly cares. Persephone appears and freezes the Monster. Persephone urges Julia to make a decision quickly, whether she pass or fail the test she is given. Julia, shocked, asks why she should be able to fail if she chose the wrong option, god or human. Persephone states that as long as Julia is the decider, she will not fail. She then urges Julia to run because she cannot hold the Monster for much longer. However, the Sister exits its current host's body and possesses Julia. Julia, controlled by the Sister, instantly snaps Persephone's neck without a second thought.

Not long after, Quentin, Alice, and Penny casts the Monster's sister out of Julia's body using one of  the axes Margo had recently acquired, and imprisons the Monstress in a bottle. Julia however is left wounded in terrible pain, with a wound that would take a thousand years to heal keeping her in that state. The Binder when asked says that the only way to take away the pain instantly is for Julia to either turn into a human or begin the arduous journey to be a Goddess again. Since Julia was unconscious from the pain, the decision was given to Penny 23 to make and he chose for Julia to become human again. That pissed her off, because the choice wasn't made by her and she still couldn't cast magic anyway, Penny admitted that the decision was selfish.

After Quentin's death Julia regained her magic abilities due to the pain she experienced from losing him.

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Julia has always been a perfectionist and an overachiever. She embraced pragmatism; a nice apartment, a respectable boyfriend and an acceptance to Yale for a while. Eventually, due to her overachiever and perfectionist attitude, she decided to give it all up for magic.

Julia is a headstrong, passionate young woman who is used to getting what she wants, attaining it at all costs. Her high intelligence only makes her all the more dangerous, as she would often disregard her own safety (as well as those of others) to reach her goals. Without her Shade, Julia was even more dangerous and destructive, stating that she could recall what it meant for her to feel emotions (like doubt, fear, and remorse), but she no longer deemed them relevant. This cold logic has pitted Julia against her allies even before she became Shadeless. Despite her ambition, she is a very kind and caring person. Elliot was able to empathize with Julia while she was in her broken state, as he recognized the actions of a person with a broken spirit due to his own emotional weaknesses.

When she realized she would lose her allies and friends due to her action, Julia made the conscious effort to gauge her actions based on her previous experiences and emotions, factoring in how the 'old Julia' would go about doing things. This new self-awareness made her comfortable leaving her own Shade in Elysium in order to rescue Alice's in order to help Quentin revive Alice from her state as a Niffin. Her own Shade agreed with this, as they both understood it was the right thing to do for her best friend. Shadeless Julia also spared the Trickster God, Reynard the Fox, due to her no longer pursuing her goals selfishly.

Magic and Abilities[]

"The reason you treat magic like a drug, is because the people that taught it to you act like drug dealers. They buy it and they sell it, and they fight and they fuck for it. Well, that's not the only way to live."
Richard Corrigan to Julia[src]


  • Magician: Though she lacks the formal training from a magical institution such as Brakebills, Julia has been able to use magic just as well as other mainstream magicians; the only difference being that she learned the spells in a purely practical way instead of first understanding the basics of magic like Quentin did. She was later told by Dean Fogg that her discipline is Knowledge, specializing in Meta-Composition. Some spellcraft she has displayed include conjuring invisible fire, teleporting objects, creating miniature thunderclouds, glamoring ID cards, and even performing reverse entropy (the final step to becoming a full-trained Hedge Magician). She has been able to do more sophisticated workings of magic when she and Marina Andrieski hexed Quentin with the Scarlatti Web, as well as when she and Richard Corrigan utilized a benevolent form of the Scarlatti Web to bring peace to a sick magician, and most notably when she and the members of Free Trader Beowulf summoned a god. After being assaulted by Reynard the Fox, her magical ability was increased to the equivalent of a master magician. While affected by the god's Essence, she was able to wield the Leo Blade, a weapon forged for master magicians.
    • Meta-Composition: In at least one of the 39 Alternate timelines created by Jane Chatwin, when Julia was admitted to Brakebills, her discipline was revealed to be "Meta-Composition", categorized as a Knowledge disciple. Although she hasn't been sorted into a discipline in the present timeline, Julia's comprehension of obscure magic, allowed her to create the Quarterback, a magical device that used Horomancy to manipulate time over a small area.
    • Horomancy: Julia was able to create the Quarterback, a magical device that used Horomancy to rewind time back 15 seconds over a small area.

Former Powers[]

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  • Divine Magic: Despite being in a realm severed from the Wellspring, Julia was able to wield magic. This was revealed to be due to Persephone giving her Reynard's seed of power. Over time, she has been able to grow this spark of magic enough to wield the Leo Blade which marks her power level as being on par or above that of a master magician. Julia was also capable of doing magic without the use of her hands; this demonstrates a greater connection with magic, much like magical creatures and gods have. She eventually became a full-fledged goddess, known by the moniker: "Our Lady of the Tree" after she restored all of the Sentient Trees she burned when she had lost her shade.
    • Immortality: Julia, after sacrificing her power as a goddess, retained her immortality as she was rendered unable to be harmed or killed as well as non-aging. She was able to regenerate after being killed by Henry Fogg's Perpetual Battery.
    • Limited Cosmic Awareness: Julia had the ability to "know" when things occurred across the world. From a sick person, to a praying adult, to her friends' pain and need for help, Julia was able to sense these without being there. Julia was able to sense when she was needed by her friends. 
      • Empathy: Julia's cosmic awareness often manifested as her ability to know how someone is feeling from great distances. She noticed when Josh needed her help to regrow the sentient forest and Quentin's despair after Alice destroyed the initial set of the Seven Keys. She was also able to accurately discern Alice's motivation in destroying the keys, a feat that may border on telepathy.
    • Time Manipulation: When Skye began dying due to her collar reacting to her magic, Julia froze her in time to stop her death, then later reversed the effects. Additionally, Julia later froze Reynard the Fox when he attempted to kill her with a god-killing bullet.
    • Healing: Julia has used her power to heal Kady when she was having a drug overdose; to heal Quentin’s headache; to heal Marina’s scars, migraines, and cigarette addiction in an alternate timeline; and to heal Henry Fogg’s eyes when he was blind.
    • Nature Manipulation: Julia was able to fully restore the forest of the Sentient Trees in Fillory in moments.
    • Battle Magic: Julia was able to cast the Rhinemann Ultra against The Beast, though it only killed the moths flying around him.
    • Traveling: Julia was able to teleport herself to the Muntjac after hearing Josh Hoberman's prayer. She teleported to Reynard the Fox's apartment with Kady Orloff-Diaz and Penny after discovering his location, and later appeared in Castle Blackspire to help her friends.
    • Power Bestowal: Julia has shown the ability to gift short-term magic to others. Julia was able to give Quentin Coldwater enough magic to cast a single spell as he was preparing to journey to Castle Blackspire.


  • Gifted Intellect: Even without the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at Brakebills, Julia is still intelligent enough to understand its basics. As is the standard for all Magicians, Julia possesses an at least Above Average level of intelligence that enables her to grasp the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world. She was slated to go to Yale before her discovery and rejection from Brakebills, a testament to her intellect.
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