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Kady Orloff-Diaz is a former student of Brakebills and is the daughter of Hannah, a hedge-witch who was once in league with Marina Andrieski. Kady spent most of her time under the servitude of Marina, as she was sold as payment for Marina fixing one of Hannah's messes, serving as one of the sources for insider higher end magic for Marina's Hedge Witch safe house in New York City.


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Not much is known about Kady's history outside of Brakebills other than the fact that she was "sold" to Marina Andrieski as payment for the Hedge Witch fixing of her mother's mishaps in the past. Kady enrolled to Brakebills and seduced Penny Adiyodi to steal books and items for Marina. She and Penny helped Alice Quinn and Quentin Coldwater perform a ritual that was meant to contact the deceased Charlie Quinn but ended up summoning The Beast and Kady tried fighting it off with Battle Magic. She assisted in Marina's plan with infiltrating Brakebills while Marina and Julia cast a spell that put Quentin in a stasis, trapped in his own mind. Later, she met with her mother and Julia, and she told Julia the truth, that she served Marina as payment for her mother's mistakes. When she learned Quentin could be stuck there, she confronted Julia, who then admitted to her role in casting the spell, following Kady back to Brakebills in order to rescue their friend.

Later, Kady was involved in a series of team trials with Penny, Alice, and Quentin as they made their way to Brakebills South. During the initial trust ritual, she admitted to Penny that when she first met him, she was using him to steal information from Brakebills before the two transformed into geese and flew alongside their classmates to Antarctica. At Brakebills South, she opened her mind to Penny, dropping her wards to allow him to see the reasoning why she used him and the two planned to steal a valuable item from Professor Mayakovsky to fulfill her debt to Marina. However, Mayakovsky confronted her, saying he felt her mind when she let her guard down and that her mother was killed. He told she was expelled and gave her the chance to flee before school administration could wipe her mind, and she fled, leaving Penny behind as she was convinced he needed Brakebills to hone his Traveling powers.

Kady returned to New York, hoping to get revenge on Marina for killing her mother, but she met with Richard, who convinced her to put her vendetta on hold and give herself to a higher power. She joined the Free Trader Beowulf, where she was reunited with Julia. Kady expressed her displeasure in working with her, but she let her anger go and the two began practicing spells so they could work with the other four members on researching higher magic. The two learned that the group was trying to petition the goddess Our Lady Underground, and they sought out her minions in hopes of discovering how to make contact. After Julia had a vision of the goddess, they two went to the servant who relieved Kady of some of her pain, convincing her of the goddess's existence. While the others were away, Kady was visited by Quentin and some of his friends to get advice on using Battle Magic. She told them the challenges of casting such magic but told them of a hedge spell that could bottle their emotions to help cast it. The Free Trader Beowulf started a ritual to summon Our Lady Underground, but it turned out to be a trap set by Reynard the Fox, who killed Richard and took his body and murdered the other members of the group except for Julia and Kady. Reynard was going to hurt Kady, but Julia stopped him and he attacked Julia, giving Kady the chance to escape. Kady and Julia soon began to work together to bring down Reynard once and for all.


Kady is a girl with a strong character and cold, detached attitude, trying to ward off potential friends or feelings, preventing any sort of attachment because of previous betrayals. She speaks her mind, though she keeps many secrets.

Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: Kady, much like Alice Quinn, is far more an advanced magician than her classmates, shown to possess a more comprehensive grasp of magic than most magicians her age. As she is mainly seen in the Physical Kids' Cottage, it can be inferred that her Discipline is Physical. She has a latent talent for telekinesis, able to lift a number of miscellaneous objects while having sex, including her boyfriend Penny. She also is talented in defensive magic, able to cast powerful wards to keep out powerful mind readers like Penny and Mischa Mayakovsky. Kady, however, shows a general disdain for the theoretical practices of magic, as she is shown to goof off with Penny during lectures rather than listen to her professors.
    • Telekinesis: Kady, like all Physical disciples, possesses a latent talent for telekineses. First displayed during Unauthorized Magic, Kady is shown to have an extremely potent telekinetic ability, able to levitate not only herself but several objects surrounding her, as well as Penny, who she was hooking up with at the time. This was seemingly done beyond her control, as she didn't need to cast a spell for the effects to take place.
    • Battle Magic: Kady is particularly well-versed in Battle Magic, further contributing to her magical capability, stating that she had been studying battle magic for at least 10 years or so. She first displayed her proficiency during the Beast's initial assault on Professor Van Der Weghe's class in Unauthorized Magic. When Penny, Quentin, and the Physical Kids were looking for a way to quickly learn Battle Magic, Kady was their initial choice for a teacher.
    • Night Vision: Kady used to practice ink spells in high school and she even gave herself a tattoo that grants her 20/20 vision in the dark.
    • Mind Control: While robbing a bank, both Kady and Quentin Coldwater released bees into the vault to scare everyone out. While impersonating bee keepers, she and Quentin controlled the bees and commanded them to leave the building tough the vents.


  • Multilingual: Kady, as well as every other Magician, is able to speak and read in a multitude of languages, as it is a basic requirement for spell casting. However, she stated that her Sign Language was rusty when talking to Harriet Schiff.
  • Gifted Intellect: Kady is able to grasp the full comprehension of magical theory as taught at Brakebills. As is the standard for all Magicians, she possesses an Above Average level of intelligence that enables her to grasp the concept of magic and apply it in the physical world.





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