"I am all for your personal growth. It's just that we're you know, we're kind of under the gun here."
"You're under my roof, hidden from the McAllistairs and the Library because I took this place from Marina when everyone else wanted to hand her nuclear launch codes."
Julia Wicker and Kady Orloff-Diaz[src]

Kady Orloff-Diaz's Penthouse is the penthouse apartment of Kady Orloff-Diaz.

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Owned by Marina Andrieski

"Nice digs."
"Thank you. I worked really hard to steal them."
Penny and Marina Andrieski[src]

After escaping from her timeline, Marina Andrieski spent some time collecting various artifacts and building up a security system for her new apartment after learning her Timeline 40 counterpart was killed by a god.[1]

After Detective Sam Cunnungham took a powerful protection amulet from Mark, who got it from Marina, Andrieski tracked the amulet down and brought Cunningham to her apartment along with Janet Pluchinsky, Issac Karamov, and Hansel, where she attempted to lift the glamour placed on them, nearly dying in the process.[2][3]

When Quentin Coldwater gained his memories back, the Nameless teleported them both into Marina's apartment to confront Quentin's friends, whom the Monster was jealous of for having Quentin's attention. Marina quickly fled, having known that she previously died facing a god, and she wasn't keen on repeating the experience. She told Margo Hanson that if she could get the Monster to sit in the gold chair in the living room, all Margo would need to do is ring the bell by the front door and the Monster would be subdued by Ambrosia long enough for them to escape.[4]

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