"I am the Knight of Crowns. My apologies, I seem to have died waiting for you aspirants to come"
―Knight of Crowns[src]

The Knight of Crowns is an ancient knight that serves as the judge for aspiring Kings and Queens of Fillory. He is cursed with immortality, forced to serve his role even beyond his death.


Awaiting Aspirants

The Knight of Crowns served as the judge for future Kings and Queens of Fillory. During the 1990s, during his wait for a new ruler, the Knight died on Coronation Island.[1]

Crowning Eliot Waugh

"Wait, all these questions are from the '90s."
"It's not the 1990s on Earth right now?"
"No, it's 2017."
Alice Quinn, the Knight of Crowns, and Quentin Coldwater[src]

The Knight of Crowns died waiting for the Children of Earth

After Eliot Waugh was revealed by a blood test to be the High King of Fillory, he and the Physical Kids traveled to Coronation Island in order to be properly crowned so they could access Castle Whitespire's armory. When the group arrived, the Knight awoke from his death, apologizing for the inconvenience. When Eliot revealed that he was to be High King, the Knight tested him with a series of trivia questions based on pop culture from the 1990s.[1]


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