"Lady Pike, who rules Codswall, has been known to be, uh... Difficult."
"Are you saying she's a bitch?""
Tick Pickwick and Margo Hanson[src]

Lady Pike is the ruler of Codswall in Fillory.


Leading Codswall

Pike was born on Codswall, one of the smaller Fingerling Isles, where she eventually became ruler. Following the Lorian Civil War, Pike became an ally of Queen Ru of the newly formed West Loria.

Meeting High King Hanson

In 2018, when Margo Hanson resumed her position as High King of Fillory, Pike was approached to sell the beets grown on Codswall due to the juice of the beets being key to curing the Talking Animals of an allergic reaction to the Atros Flower. However, Pike had already promised to sell her beets to Ru beforehand.

Pike was later invited to a dinner at Castle Whitespire, where High King Hanson attempted to persuade her selling Codswall's beets to Fillory instead. However, when that failed, Hanson threatened to kill the alpacas of Codswall should Pike not reconsider.[1]


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