"What you said to your mother, is that true? What you did to that lamprey's family?"
"When I was a niffin, there was nothing I wouldn't have done for knowledge."
Daniel Quinn and Alice Quinn[src]

Lampreys are tiny, parasitic magical creatures that can be found on Earth.


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Characteristic Traits

Lampreys are small creatures that possess scaleless, elongated bodies with toothed, funnel-like sucking mouths. Magical Lampreys have a similar appearance to that of ordinary Lampreys but appear larger, lack eyes and are able to travel on land.

Lampreys are considered parasites that are able to take over the bodies of others and to lay eggs inside of them. They have very flexible bodies that can enter through almost any opening such as human orifices and even skin. However, this can be countered by wrapping oneself in plastic. Whilst possessing another, Lampreys are able to access their knowledge and detect the health conditions of their bodies.[1]

Lamprey 3

Alice watches a Lamprey die.

They are extreme good trackers and can find people from long distances. The Lamprey was the only creature to have found Alice Quinn among other creatures who she made an enemy off.

They can also be detected by cats and are sometimes used as an early warning system during periods where there is no magic.[2] Lampreys are vulnerable to lightning. They can be forced to leave their host body by passing a current through them and can die if shocked for too long. When they die, they give off bouts of light that float in the air.


  • Lampreys are real-world aquatic animals and a class of jawless fish.


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