"She told me. 'The Battle Magic will be "where the knowledge always is". The day you need it, I promise, it will be your last hope.'"
"Uh, those were here exact words, 'last hope'?"
"Well, that's the name of one of the more powerful texts on Battle Magic. Last Hope Options."
Henry Fogg and Quentin Coldwater[src]

Last Hope Options is a book about Battle Magic previously owned by Neeny Bigby.


Hidden by Neeny Bigby

Bibgy's note to Fogg

Neeny Bigby leaves a note for Fogg.

After the school board at Brakebills University ended their battle magic program and fired Neeny Bigby, she hid the spells she taught in the school's library and left clues on how to find them and her should anyone ever need her. Quentin Coldwater and his friends, with the help of Professor Pearl Sunderland, discovered the book by creating a list of possible anagrams for the book, finding it under the name "Hotel Spa Potions", and deciphered the riddle left by Neeny Bigby on how to find her to gain information on the Rhinemann Ultra.[1]


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