This is a list of all known spells seen in The Magicians series.



Age Suspension Spell

Description: A spell used to halt the aging of its target. The spell was used by Martin Chatwin on Christopher Plover in order to torture Plover everyday for the next 60 years.[1] A similar spell was cast on Cancer Puppy, keeping him a puppy for a hundred and fifty years.[2]

Al-Elseewi's Heat Reduction

Description: A spell used to reduce heat taught to First Year students at Brakebills University.[3]

Alonso's Reverse Thermogenesis

Description: A spell used by Julia Wicker to freeze and preserve Marina Andrieski's body.[4]

Anasazi's Vision Spell

Description: A spell used to reveal something invisible. It is similar to the Mann Reveal.[5]

Anti-Traveling Spell

Description: A sigil used to prevent Travelers from teleporting.[6]

A Prayer to Xiuhtecuhtli

Description: A Second-year fire spell taught at Brakebills University.[7] The spell was performed by Sophie Carlson in the Proving Ground, but Carlson lost control and was burned to death by the fire.[3]

Arm-Reattachment Spell

Description: A spell used to reattach a severed limb. Kady Orloff-Diaz used the spell to reattach the arm of Lee, a Hedge Witch, after an unsuccessful attempt to remove his Reed's Mark caused his arm to be blown off.[6]

Atsuko's Spectral Refraction

Description: A spell mentioned by Julia Wicker when connected to the sequence of another spell. Henry Fogg stated that the Spectral Refraction was, in fact, a spell learned by second-year Brakebills students.[8]


Bjorn's Electromagnetic

Description: A spell used by Alice Quinn to combine the separate forms of Harriet Schiff after her time in the Mirror Realm caused her to become refracted into three different individuals.[9]

Bujold's Sorcerous Nail Extraction

Description: This is the opposite to the Hammer Charm of Legrand. Instead of hammering a nail through a surface this spell extracts it.[10]


Cavaleri Animation

Description: A spell that gifts small inanimate objects with a facsimile of life.[11]

Chkhartishvili's Enveloping Warmth

Description: This spell generates internal warmth within the body to ensure survival in extremely cold environments.

Cholmondeley's Stealth

Description: A spell used by Penny to sneak past the doorman at the penthouse apartment owned by Quentin Coldwater, Eliot Waugh, Janet Pluchinsky, and Alice Quinn.[11]

Coptic Illusion Spell

Type: Illusion Magic
Description: Emily Greenstreet used this spell on both herself and Quentin Coldwater to manifest the illusion of Alice Quinn and Mayakovsky, respectively. Though she noted it a 'party trick', the illusion spell only works while the skin is wet, and can be used to take the appearance of whomever the other person longs to see the most, or presumably, anyone they wish.[12]

Czechoslovakian Unlocking Charm

Description: A spell Marina Andrieski taught to Julia Wicker at her Hedge Witch safehouse. The spell is comprised of an unlocking gesture with the fingers and is accompanied by the incantation "Odemknout", forcing any iron or mechanical lock open.[13]


Daniel Quinn's Purge Protocol

Tpe: Ward
Description: A ward designed by Daniel Quinn to protect his family and seal his house from outside threats.[14]

Declan's Accuracy Spell

Type: Enchantment
Description: A spell used to enchant an arrow to fly straight when fired.

Dempsey's Silent Thermogenesis

Description: This is a spell that enforces a phase change in a matter by heating molecules past their boiling point.

Dixon's Charm

Description: A freezing charm used by Eliot Waugh on an assassin in Castle Whitespire.


Emotion-Suppression Spell

Description: A spell that suppressed the emotions of a caster by holding them in a small container. This spell was used by Quentin and his friends to bypass the discipline required of casting Battle Magic in their preparation for their journey to Fillory.

Estonian Filigree

Description: An Estonian Filligree is a spell taught to First Year students at Brakebills University.[3]


Fergus' Spectral Armory

Description: A spell that summons a silvery, phantasmal armor to protect the caster from harm.[11]

Fergus's A Whole Lot of Other Really Useful Combat Spells

Description: The name given to an assortment of Fergus spells used by Eliot Waugh in his duel against Vile Father. Together, they increase the caster's strength, reflexes, and perception of time several times over.

First Flash

Description: A level one Hedge Witch spell that causes a quick burst of light to appear between the caster's fingers. Its command is Işik. [5][15]

Force Blast

Description: A Battle Magic spell used by Kady Orloff-Diaz against The Beast during the Attack on Brakebills University.[16] The spell was later used by Quentin Coldwater against Penny Adiyodi, but its effect was rebounded against Coldwater due to Adiyodi's use of the Emerson's Alloy Repellant.[17]


Golem Creation Spell

Description: A spell used by Lasaro, a jealous ex-boyfriend of Margo Hanson. Using a rare substance called 'Living Clay', a magician can create an exact flesh-replica of a person, known as their Golem. The process is complicated, and if done inefficiently, can cause the actual person whom the Golem resembles to become weak and unstable, as the spell draws from the subject's life force to shape the clay.


Hammer Charm of Legrand

Description: The Hammer Charm of Legrand is a standard teaching charm that ensures a nail is hammered into a surface in a single smooth strike.

Harper's Fire Shaping

Description: A spell considered to be useless, as its only purpose is to shape flames into patterns in the air with an aspen twig.[11]


Incorporate Bond

Desription: A spell that locks an object with a four-dimensional point rendering it almost impossible to move.

Indian Night Vision Charm

Description: A Hindi charm used to enhance the caster's vision in the dark.


Love Charm

Description: A powerful spell cast by Professor Lipson on an entire city park, causing everyone in it and anyone who entered it to become overwhelmed with strong sexual desires and engage in a mass orgy.

Lucier's Cleaning Charm

Description: A charm used to clean a room or a place. As mentioned by Henry Fogg, rose water is used in that charm. Julia cast that charm in a dining room of Brakebills after the Massacre of the McAllistair Family.


Magic Missile

Description: A battle magic spell created during World War II which takes the form of a small pointed dagger of light beaming out from between the casters enclosed hands.[11] Quentin Coldwater and his friends studied the spell in preparation for their ambush on The Beast in Fillory.[18]

Mann Reveal

Description: A spell used to reveal something invisible. The spell is performed by the caster making a small window with the thumb and index finger of their hands.[5]

Mansell's Primary Invisibility

Description: A cloaking spell taught to First Year students at Brakebills University.[3]

Matarese Summoning Spell

Description: Used to summon the Matarese, a bug spirit from the Underworld. Typically, the Matarese is summoned to reverse the effects of the Scarlotti's Web hex.[19]

McNaughton's Unstealable

Description: A powerful charm that enchants an item so that it is unable to be stolen. This spell is applied to the Alumni Keys of Brakebills graduates.[17]

Miller Flare

Description: A spell that, to an onlooker, causes the caster to glow with intense pink-white light. Alice Quinn used the spell during her 500-kilometer race to the South Pole in Antarctica, adjusting the Quarternary Circumstances to make the spell give off heat.[11]

Mirror Bridge

Description: A spell that allows Magicians to travel through Mirrors between locations. The bridge was created as an alternative to traveling through the Mirror Realm.[15]

Modus Hex

Description: A hex used to gain control of another person's body. Harriet Schiff cast the spell on the slip in The Principles of Conjuring Elementals in an attempt to force a Librarian to access the Poison Room.[8]

Musical Spell

Description: A spell to influence spontaneous music, song, and dance in all those nearby.[20]


Necromantic Resurrection

Description: A Necromancy spell found in the Brakebills Library that allows the caster to raise the dead. Julia Wicker used the spell to temporarily resurrect Marina Andrieski after she was killed by Reynard the Fox.[4]


Osseus Confervium

Description: The Osseus Confervium is the first step in building a new body with magic, called 'bone-knitting' The process was started by Alice Quinn for Penny, who was trapped in the Astral Plane after his body died while he was astral projecting.[21]


Paralysis Spell

Description: A spell created by Martin Chatwin that is powerful enough to briefly incapacitate a god.[16][22]

Persian Fainting Charm

Description: A charm that causes the target to lose consciousness.[5]

Polaski's Mending

Description: A healing spell used on Penny's broken nose after his fight with Quentin.[11]

Portal Creation Spell

Description: A basic, though still somewhat advanced, utility spell used throughout the magical community. Mischa Mayakovsky creates portals for students at the end of every semester to return them to Brakebills' main campus. With a momentary flash of light, the wall became a door to the location of every member of Free Trader Beowulf, no matter their distance from each other globally. A Shadeless Julia Wicker used this to ambush Reynard the Fox at a park.[23]

Probability Spell

Description: A spell that allows its caster to review the outcome of


Reed's Mark

Description: An anti-magic spell that, when tattooed on someone, prevents them from casting magic. The spell was used by Everett Rowe to magically castrate Hedge Witches during the Serpent attacks.[9]

Revelation Charm

Description: A charm used to detect the presence of magic. The caster makes a circle with their index finger and thumb and looks through the hole. Its variants include the Mann Reveal and Anasazi's Vision Spell.[5]

Rhinemann Ultra

Description: Presumably, the most powerful battle magic spell known in existence and can only be successfully executed by a Master Magician. Anything caught in the blast will be obliterated.[24]

Romanian Flying Spell

Description: A spell used to enchant an object to fly. The spell was used as part of a drinking game in the Physical Kids' Cottage, with the student who failed to perform the spell properly having to take a shot.[13]


Scarlotti's Web

Description: A powerful hex that traps the caster's target inside of a dark prison within their own mind that shapes itself to psychologically destroy the target.[19] The spell was used by Julia Wicker and Marina Andrieski to trap Quentin Coldwater so they could access the campus of Brakebills University, and later by Wicker and Richard Corrigan to access the mind of Kira, a catatonic Magician.[25]

Silver's Polling Spell

Description: Originally created by Nate Silver, an Earth magician, Eliot uses an adjusted version of it to find out how popular he is in Fillory as High King.[8]

Singh's Advanced Skin Hardening

Type: Shield
Description: A shield spell used by Margo Hanson during the Tournament of the Centurion Guard to made her skin resiliant to physical attacks.[26]

Strand's Vitrum

Description: A spell used by Alice Quinn to repair a broken prism needed to perform Bjorn's Electromagnetic.[9]

Sumerian Shield Charm

Description: A spell taught to First Year students at Brakebills University to protect against small projectiles. The spell was used by Quentin Coldwater, Margo Hanson, and Eliot Waugh to trap The Beast long enough for Alice Quinn to cast the Rhinemann Ultra.[22]


Teukolsky's Locator Spell

Description: A spell to find the spirits of the deceased.[16]

Thibadeau's Planar Compression

Description: A spell that manipulates dimensions to allow a large space to fit inside a much smaller space. The spell is used on Alice Quinn's parents' house, a moderately-sized home, but its interior is much larger than would normally be possible given the house's actual dimensions.[27]

Turkish Binding Spell

Description: The spell magicians use to seal a rogue Niffin into a Niffin Box, a small, coffin-shaped wooden box etched with special sigils. A magician must recite the spell to permanently seal the Niffin within. The rite will not work on a greater skilled Niffin, such as Joseph, as they have learned to escape the box's binding and are no longer affected by the enchantment.[13]


Ugarte's Prismatic Spray

Description: A spell that creates a trail of rainbow light in the air from the caster’s fingers.[11] This spell was found by Julia Wicker on the Internet and is the first spell she cast successfully.[5]

Une Chaleur Temporaire

Description: A spell used by Julia Wicker and Marina Andrieski while locked in the meat locker of a safe house. This spell enabled them to withstand the cold temperatures long enough to escape. The spell, written in a mixture of Latin and French, requires the preparation of a concoction, along with alchemical symbols, the ingredients including crushed rocks and animal fat. Once the mixture is burned, it must be applied to the skin.[17]


Weizenheim's Third

Description: A minor weather suspension spell that allows the caster to manipulate smoke. It can be performed by enchanting one's lips, allowing them to manipulate the movements and shapes smoke takes from cigarettes.[12]

Word as Bond

Description: A magical contract used to bind two parties to an agreement. Julia Wicker created a bond with The Beast, and later by Quentin Coldwater on Niffin Alice, to magically seal the terms of a pact between the two. Accompanied by a sigil drawn onto a piece of paper, the intended parties then place the base of their thumbs onto the sigil, branding the spell onto themselves. It is stated to be impossible to break the Bond, though one can find loopholes if the terms aren't worded properly.

World Creation Spell

Description: Described as primordial, with a feel of 'old magic' to it, this spell is an ancient Fillorian work of magic designed to create a pocket world - small enough to fit in the crack of a sidewalk, but "full of life and stars and physics".[28]

Woven Strength

Description: A spell used by Janet Pluchinsky to defeat the Foremost during her time in the Wandering Desert. The spell grants the caster amazing strength, as Janet was able to send Foremost flying into a wall with a punch, despite her being physically worn out from her time in the desert.[5]


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