"I am the Lord of All Fillorian Fresh Water. Which is a bit pretentious, so please, call me Lord Fresh."
―Lord Fresh to Margo Hanson[src]

The Lord of All Fillorian Fresh Water, also known as the Lord Fresh, is one of the Questing Creatures of Fillory, resembling a large toad.


Meeting High King Margo

"Your birthright box, which it has been my honor to guard, dictated your absence from the Kingdom, your loss of self, and your return this day and hour. But I must caution. It also predicted that you will learn what it is to live and rule alone."
"Yeah? Well alone's my jam, grenouille. And no matter what, I rule."
―Lord Fresh and Margo Hanson[src]

Lord Fresh discovered Margo Hanson in the Darkling Wood when she was teleported to Fillory by Ember, bringing her to his cave, where he explained that he was charged with guarding her Birthright Box until she could claim it. When Hanson tried to grab it, Lord Fresh stopped her, explaining that the spell placed on her by Henry Fogg was too powerful for his protective wards to stop, and she would instead need to break the spell before she could take the box.[2]


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Magic and Abilities


  • Questing Creature Physiology: To be added
    • Warding: Lord Fresh was able to create protective wards for his cave. However, his wards were unable to protect against Henry Fogg's spell placed on Margo Hanson.





  1. Translated from French: Frog
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