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Loria is the neighbouring country that borders Fillory to the North. 


"No rush. I'll win eventually. I wish your magic hadn't gone out. I like my fights fair."
"You do realize if this is a legit magic blackout, it fucks both Fillory and Loria, right?
My people are so used to scarcity, I don't even think it'll register. Sometimes, I think they like being dissatisfied."
Eliot Waugh and Idri[src]
Loria was created by Ember and Umber on the world they remade into Fillory. However, unlike the Fillorian climate, Loria was a cold and harsh environment that possessed very little magic, causing tensions to arise over control of the Wellspring.

After Ember poisoned the Wellspring to sabotage The Beast before his final battle against Alice Quinn, Prince Ess traveled to Castle Whitespire to confront High King Eliot Waugh and High Queen Margo Hanson for allowing Ember to taint the Wellspring, informing them that he was there to propose a treaty that would give both countries an equal share of the magic. When Ess asked for Hanson's hand to solidify the treaty, Hanson denied him and the prince ordered Illario to enact "plan B", using a wand to cast a spell that transported Castle Whitespire to the Cock Barrens of Loria. When Penny Adiyodi discovered that the shift was an illusion cast around the castle, Hanson declared war against Loria for Ess' attempted deception.[1]


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