"They're followers of Bacchus'. They're kind of high priestess/nurses of the Gods"
Julia Wicker and Josh Hoberman[src]

The Maenads are the servants of the Gods.


Serving Bacchus

"They were always at Bacchus' parties, and when he would get too wrecked, which was always, they pulled him out and gave him a divine B12 shot."
Josh Hoberman[src]

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Fillory Aftermath

"Wait, wait, so the Monster killed Bacchus but didn't touch the Maenads?"
"Well, they're probably still in Fillory. They were pretty attached to him."
Julia Wicker and Josh Hoberman[src]

Following the death of Bacchus and subsequent loss of a deity to worship, the Maenads brewed and drank a poisonous punch and committed mass suicide. When Julia Wicker and Penny arrived in Fillory in search of help to figure out why she couldn't access her power as a god, she discovered Shoshana preparing to hang herself. When Julia explained that she was a former goddess, Shoshana helped Wicker perform a ritual to diagnose her, discovering that Wicker was a goddess of the likes she'd never seen before, and devoted herself to serving her.[1]

Characteristic Traits

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