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"Great mages have wasted their lives trying to get at the root of magic. It is a futile pursuit, not much fun and occasionally quite hazardous. Because the farther down you go, the bigger and scalier the turtles get, with sharper and sharper beaks. Until eventually they start looking less like turtles and more like dragons."
Professor March[src]
"Much can be said about what magic is and what magic is not. It is real and it is not for everyone. It is not the answer to all of your problems, although it could very well transform them into opportunities. It is one thing to know of magic, it is another thing to be a Magician. Magic is born of the notion that our world, governed by its laws of physics, which keep us trapped on this isolated rock, is limited; incomplete. At Brakebills we take students who have that notion and teach them to transform it into something tangible, hopefully without blowing themselves up in the process. Because magic is not something to be dicked around with!"
Dean Fogg[src]
"Being a magician has always been, in part, about accruing power. Power over yourself, the elements. Power over the future; the very world that exists around you. But power, as you all know, does not come cheaply. There are reasons we teach this curriculum precisely the way that we do. Skipping around, focusing on all the wrong things, lack of guidance... These are all extremely dangerous. There are certain energies, certain spells, which are far too powerful for one magician alone. If you lose control, it will turn against you. It will kill you. It will consume you. Change you into something else."
Dean Fogg[src]
"Magic doesn't come from talent. It comes from pain."
Eliot Waugh[src]
"Nut up, will you? There's no such thing as safe magic. You should know that, Quentin. Might as well take a risk."
Alice Quinn[src]
"There is only one thing that pleases me about this afternoon’s altercation, which is that neither of you resorted to magic to hurt each other. Neither of you is advanced enough in your studies to understand this properly, but in time you will learn that wielding magic means working with enormously powerful energies. And controlling those energies requires a calm and dispassionate mind."
Henry Fogg[src]
"Use magic in anger, and you will harm yourself much more quickly than you will harm your adversary. There are certain spells... if you lose control of them, they will change you. Consume you. Transform you into something not human. a Niffin, a spirit of raw, uncontrolled magical energy."
Henry Fogg[src]
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