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"The study of magic is not a science, it is not an art, and it is not a religion. Magic is a craft. When we do magic, we do not wish and we do not pray. We rely upon our will and our knowledge and our skill to make a specific change to the world."
Professor March[src]

Magic is the practice of harnessing the arcane energy that exists and flows through the universe that allows practitioners known as Magicians to manipulate aspects of reality through the application of spells.


Magic encompasses many different activities including astral projection, telekinesis, teleportation, and spell casting. It includes the practices of many cultures, nations, and religions, as well as many books and writings from ancient times. The most commonly used magic in the universe emanates from a place called the Wellspring. Human magicians who practice magic act as conduits for the Wellspring in that they channel its power to cast their spells.

However, most cannot do magic for several reasons; firstly, casting spells is very difficult and most beings are not intelligent, obsessive, or unfortunate enough to dedicate themselves entirely to perfecting their craft. Magicians not admitted to magical institutions usually lack the proper guidance offered by them, which leads to them becoming Hedge Witches.

It is also implied that those with a high moral firmness cannot access the tools necessary to manipulate magical energies. However, some can have all the necessary requirements, say the right words, move their hands the right way, and still, nothing will happen. Magic comes easiest to those who have experienced tremendous pain in life. The more the better.

Magical Schools

Due to the fact that all creatures have an inherent connection to the Multiverse, this subsequently means that all creatures, especially those with the mental capabilities to learn of its mechanisms, have the potential to wield these powers through study and practice. Nevertheless, all Magicians, natural-born or not, are required to study the sciences of the forces that are channeled, not only as a means to better understand them but also as a means to better control them.


The origin of magic is currently unknown, but Alice Quinn stated that it was created at the beginning of time by the Old Gods.

Types of Magic

Magic 0

Julia displays her magic

Wellspring Magic

The Wellspring is the origin and source of Magic in the whole universe as well as the foundation of Fillory. The Wellspring provides magic to all humans in the universe therefor acts as the most common source of magic for all practicing magicians. The wellspring self-replenishes itself when functioning normally and has a filtration system. 

God Magic

God Magic is power that comes from a god. Gods or deities do not draw power from the wellspring but posses a seed of power within them to produce their own incredible source of magic. God magic can be transferred from a deity to a human, as when Alice and Julia were granted temporary enhanced power to the level of a Master Magician. A human can be given the power of a god permanently as in Julia Wicker's case when she was awarded Reynard the fox's seed of power by Our Lady Underground, after her resolve and change of mind to not kill Reynard. If the magic of the wellspring has stopped flowing (eliminating the means for magicians to practice magic) magicians with god magic implanted within them can bypass this limitation - therefor giving them the ability to still practice magic and eventually harness it on equal levels to that of a god. Once fully developed a human with a source of god magic, can apophysis into a full god. Under normal conditions a god doesn’t run out of magic. However their power can be surrendered by creating something with every atom of their being. Even without their power a god is still unaging and almost unkillable.

Fairy Magic

Like gods, fairies have the ability to draw magic from within themselves, as they are the Living Embodiment of Magic. Their magic gives them great longevity. They can live for hundreds of years, longer than even the Dwarves of Fillory. Fairy magic is much more powerful and capable than that of normal magic and considered darker. The Fairy Queen, is said to have the power of fifty fairies. One distinct ability of a fairy is that their magic can accomplish feats regular magic cannot and they don't need spells or even finger movements to perform magic. This particular trait is what makes people seek their power in order to make deals with them. 

Wild Magic

Wild magic is a powerful type of spell-casting that is impossible to do with regular human hands, instead it requires a user to have twelve fingers. Martin Chatwin is the only known user of this magic. Martin could travel between dimensions, briefly incapacitate deities, perceive magical wards without aid, manipulate the inner workings of a soul to access the Shade, possess others, telepathically communicate, and even paralyze a large group of people with ease. It’s is still unknown where wild magic comes from only that it is very hard to master and requires a human to alter their body to control it.


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