"So 'be a magician'? Is that illegal or...? Are you guys trying to take over the world?"
"This school exists for a single and timeless purpose: to reveal your innate abilities and hone them to the highest degree. Now, what you do with it after that is entirely up to you. If you want to take over the world... we don't teach that, but give it a go."
Quentin Coldwater and Dean Fogg[src]

Quentin demonstrates an act of magic during the admission tests

Magicians are academically trained practitioners of magic. Through the course of a careful examination, those showing great potential and enough connection with magical energy are given the opportunity to enroll in institutions that guide them in their practice, such as Brakebills University.


Only remarkably smart individuals can practice magic. Every student is a prodigy or has been top of their class; even the less capable Brakebills student is ten times smarter than the average human. Brakebills’ students are seen as “real” magic handlers and look down on Hedge Witches or other humans that practice without proper education.

Magical Disciplines

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Every Magician's magic is unique to others, but each will be drawn to particular strains of magic, known as Disciplines.

Magical Law

The magical community has its own rules, which are taught to the Magicians at the time of enrollment. In most cases, the rules of the mundane world are equally respected. In regards to their education, it is up to the faculty of their schools to teach the young Magicians how to best utilize their abilities. When they fail in this, generally the Magicians are deprived of their memories of the magical world and returned to their ordinary life.

Hedge Magicians

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The mark of a Hedge WItch

Some magicians manage to find magic from other sources, such as books or websites, which leads them to practice magic in unorthodox ways. These type of practitioners are called Hedge Witches and are considered second-class Magicians to those who receive a refined education. As many of these spells found are usually self-made and these Hedges lack the structured knowledge given by a magical school, it can become dangerous and unpredictable.

Master Magicians

Henry Fogg, a Master Magician

Master Magicians are magicians who have achieve mastery in one or more Disciplines of magic. They hold incredible magical power and knowledge and perform feats ordinary magicians cannot hope to do such as holding the Leo Blade, Wellspring key or casting the Rhinemann Ultra. Usually, one has to be born with prodigious talent to have the makings of a Master and even then, may still take years to become one.

The more a Magician gains power and knowledge, the more significant a Magician's name becomes, both to the individual and to those who would go against them. How their name is written, down to every curve of every letter, connects to the Magician's will, and make the individual's unique magical abilities all the more prominent and powerful.

Magicians can achieve a shortcut method to become a Master by either consuming the essence of deity or Wellspring. However, it should be noted that for the former, it is only temporary and for the latter, it destroys their humanity and mutates said magician in to something non-human.

Known Magicians

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