Margo Hanson is the High King of Fillory and a former Brakebills student.



Margo Hanson was invited to take the Brakebills University Entrance Exam, which she passed and was later sorted into the Physical discipline, gaining residence at the Cottage. In her first year, Margo was assigned to be partners with Eliot Waugh during The Trials.

In 2016, in her second year at Brakebills, she met Quentin Coldwater and helped Eliot show him around campus. When the three came across students from Brakebills' graduating class of 2016, Margo explained that the entire class disappeared during the school year mysteriously, and only a handful of students remained.

Fillorian Royalty

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Loss of Magic

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Fairy Invasion

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High King of Fillory

The gang was planning on how to take back the throne of FIllory from Tick. Margo reluctantly agreed when Eliot proposed that the campaigning High King of Fillory should be male, and she decided not to run. 

As they were formulating an idea on how to return to royal status and take back the thro ne, Margo had the idea of raining flyers on the people that called for an election. This forced Tick to actually do an election because it would have been "nearly impossible" to refuse such a promise. As Eliot and Tick Pickwick were both campaigning, Eliot, Fen , and Margo went to go meet Fray where Margo got into a conversation with Humbledrum the Bear . They pretty much only talked about bestiality but Margo and Humbledrum seemed to become very friendly towards one another. Margo was even able to accurately deduce that Fray and Humbledrum were in love with one another. 

When Rafe went to the Muntjac to announce the results of the election, it was revealed that even though Margo was not even on the voting ballot, she won as a write-in. Since she was the only human to stop and listen to the concerns of the talking animals during the campaign period, all of the talking animals voted for her. Her discussion with Humbledrum, who turned out to be a respected member of the talking animal community, meant that she was the first human to advocate for a system that would allow the talking animals to be seen as equal to humans through interspecies marriage. Consequently, since there turned out to be over 1 million talking animals versus about 50,000 humans in Fillory, Margo was appointed as High King of Fillory. 

As one of her first actions as High King, she pardoned Tick and wanted him to join her cabinet, even though she doesn't trust him and has him under 24-hour surveillance. As High King of Fillory, Margo gave a moist and warm area of Fillory to the Faeries and fulfilled the deal with the Fairy Queen. She gave faeries full citizenship, protection under the law and a seat in the government. As a reward, the Fairy Queen replaced Margo's missing eye with a fairy eye. This new eye allowed her to see things that normal human eyes cannot. Since the fairy eye looks different from a normal eye, the Fairy Queen also glamoured it so only the Fairy Queen, Margo, Eliot, and Fen know that Margo has one fairy eye. The Fairy Queen also said that Margo will learn to understand the eye in time which insinuates that there is more power in the eye than Margo understands.


"There wasn't a blood test to tell me to be High Queen. I chose it, and I have had to fight for every shred of authority. And no offense, but you can't understand because it was handed to you. And now I'm supposed to abandon my kingdom? Those fairy bitches wanna come for my crown, well I'll shove it up their fucking eggholes!"
—Margo to Eliot Waugh[src]

Margo is a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and a high-spirited magician whose specialty is gossip, competition, and drama. Although at first sight, she may seem superficial, Margo is a keen observer. Margo has shown to be the most rational of the group during stressful situations, often being mistaken for cruel and bitter. The fact is, she tends to be pragmatic, focusing on what needs to be done instead of her emotions, as shown when talking about Alice's death.

She has a strategic approach to solving problems, and is very skilled at this, being characterized by Eliot as a "quick-thinking" individual. Examples such as planning the robbery to a bank and the tracking of the FU fighters, serve to prove this trait. Though as demonstrated in her deals with the Fairies, she does sometimes seek solutions to temporary problems that have permanent consequences.

Realistic but occasionally too harsh, Margo secures her position as High Queen of Fillory and helps keep her best friend-turned-King, Eliot, in check all while upping the wardrobe ante. Smarter than people give her credit for, Margo becomes a force to be reckoned with as she helps the kingdom and faces off against a looming fairy threat.

In the books, Janet is not very friendly to anyone, but very angry and bitter, probably because she thought the world was as judgmental of her as she was of them. Although having neglecting parents, Janet does not blame them for her attitude, instead she owns it, and effectively runs Fillory while the High King was absent, showing great leadership skills.

Out of the few people she enjoyed, Eliot was the only one she considered to be worth it. She has also shown some affection towards Julia, and respect for Poppy.

Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: Despite her party animal reputation, Margo is a proficient student magician in her own right. While Margo's discipline is yet to be displayed, Margo is still considered to be a very gifted magician. Margo is able to perform different kinds of magic and spells to varying degrees of success. As she has been grouped with the Physical Kids, her discipline deals with matter and energy. She was able to charm the entirety of the Castle Whitespire staff to perform 'One Day More' from Les Miserables, as well as adequately perform rudimentary Battle Magic.
    • Battle Magic: Margo learned battle magic while preparing to travel to Fillory in order to defeat The Beast.
    • Cryomancy: To be added
  • Fairy Sight:
    S3E12 14 Margo Fairy Eye

    Margo is given a Fairy's eye.

    Margo was given a Fairy eye by Fairy Queen to replace the one she lost. Margo has stated that colors took weird to her with the eye, and that looking at one of The Monster's Organs is the equivalent to looking at the sun.


  • Gifted IntellectTo be added
    • Skilled Tactician: Margo has displayed formidable tactical and strategic ingenuity, often using cunning and planning to effectively assess situations and come up with effective strategies, making her by far the best tactician among the Physical Kids. Due to this, Margo was able to formulate a plan to break into a well-guarded bank that employed a Magician-enforced security system with only a minor conflict.
    • Skilled Leader: Margo is an accomplished leader, able to take over and run the kingdom of Fillory in the absence of its High King. She was able to use her diplomacy skills (albeit rather abrasively) to appeal to the Fairy Queen in order to restore the Wellspring. She was also able to lead and loosely mentor Physical lowerclassmen on the conduct of the school after they were sorted into their Disciplines.
  • Bilingual: Margo can speak her native English, as well as Indonesian





  • In The Mayakovsky Circumstance, Margo summoned a Djinn. Margo's actor, Summer Bishil, portrayed a genie in the Disney movie Return to Halloweentown.
  • Margo has taken the role of Janet Pluchinsky from The Magicians Trilogy, though her name was changed to avoid any confusion with other characters with 'J's in their names (e.g. Julia, Josh, Jane, etc.)
    • After restoring the Wellspring, Margo's memory is wiped by the Librarians and she's given the identity of Janet Pluchinsky as a callback to her original character in the books.
  • Her character's change in the books and the TV series was referenced in Thirty-Nine Graves, where the librarian, Zelda Schiff, greets Margo as Janet.


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