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"You can be one of the smart ones or even one of the pretty ones or even a strong one. But..."
"Try to be all three... you better learn to smile and shut up cause the second you're you, the second I'm loud, pissed off, it's 'What a bitch.' 'What a slut.' 'Who the fuck does she think she is?'"
"So you never give them a chance. You hit first. And anyone dumb enough to hit back soon finds that there's no hurting you, sheathed in all that hard, glossy armor."
Talking Lizard and Margo Hanson[src]

Margo Hanson is the former High King of Fillory and a former Brakebills student.


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Early Life

"He was better than other dads. And he thought I was better than other daughters. Until..."
"You had the audacity to grow up."
―Margo Hanson and a Talking Lizard[src]

Margo Hanson was born in 1992. She was raised in Los Angeles, California by her dad. Margo's father would sing her lullabies before she went to bed, even over the phone when he was on a business trip. He raised her to be a strong-willed woman. However, as Margo grew older, she became more defiant and head-strong, causing her father to resent her.

She later attended UCLA, where she graduated with a major in Theater.

At some point, Margo once attempted to sniff her body weight in cocaine.

Attending Brakebills

First Year

Margo Hanson was invited to take the Brakebills University Entrance Exam. She passed and was later sorted into the Physical Magic discipline, gaining residence at the Physical Kids' Cottage. In her first year, Margo attempted to found a fraternity on campus called DTF, of which she was the president of. By the time the administrators stepped in, Hanson had already begun the hazing process, in which the members of DTF were subject to serve any of her whims, such as forming a "throne" of naked freshmen.[1]

Hanson later was assigned to be partners with Eliot Waugh during The Trials, resulting in the two becoming close friends and a constant problem for the faculty. The two were later invited to Encanto Oculto, where they brought a bag of working dicks to the Elders for their regalo.

Second Year

In 2016, in her second year at Brakebills, Margo met Quentin Coldwater and helped Eliot show him around campus. When the three came across students from Brakebills' graduating class of 2016, Margo explained that the entire class mysteriously disappeared during the school year, and only a handful of students remained.


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"Why does it hurt so much? Why does it feel like I'm losing my mind, Eliot?"
"Wind and sand reduce mountains to rubble. Are you stronger than a mountain?"
"I'm a king. Not a goddamned princess, a king."
―Margo and the Talking Lizard[src]

Margo is a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and a high-spirited magician whose speciality is gossip, competition, and drama. Although at first sight, she may seem superficial, Margo is a keen observer. She's incredibly smart but has trouble with diplomacy. She knows she is mentally stronger than any man, as Margo has shown to be the most rational of the group during stressful situations, often being mistaken for cruel and bitter. Once she allows someone into her life, she can be kind, caring and will stop at nothing for her friends and for Fillory.

Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: Despite her party animal reputation, Margo Hanson is a proficient student magician in her own right. In the books she has the gift of cryomancy (manipulation of ice) but it isn't shown in the show. While Hanson's discipline is largely a mystery, she is still considered to be a very gifted magician.
    • Magic Manipulation: Hanson is able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with her hands, conjuring phosphorescent constructs of energy.
"That's right, I can see your non-corporeal ass with my fairy eye."
―Margo Hanson to Hyman Cooper[src]
  • Astral Perception: Hanson was given a Fairy eye by the Fairy Queen to replace the one she lost. She has stated that colors look different and that looking at one of the Stone Organs is equivalent to looking at the sun, and was later able to clearly see Hyman Cooper in the Astral Plane. Hanson can remove her eye from its socket, allowing her to see through it from another location.


  • Gifted Intellect: To be added
    • Skilled Tactician: Margo has displayed formidable tactical and strategic ingenuity, often using cunning and planning to effectively assess situations and come up with effective strategies, making her by far the best tactician among the Physical Kids. Due to this, Margo was able to formulate a plan to break into a well-guarded bank that employed a Magician-enforced security system with only a minor conflict.
    • Skilled Leader: Margo is an accomplished leader, able to take over and run the kingdom of Fillory in the absence of its High King. She was able to use her diplomacy skills (albeit rather abrasively) to appeal to the Fairy Queen in order to restore the Wellspring. She was also able to lead and loosely mentor Physical lowerclassmen on the conduct of the school after they were sorted into their Disciplines.
  • Bilingual: Margo can speak her native English, as well as Indonesian.


Margo's Fairy eye.

  • Fairy Eye: Given to her to replace the eye she gave to the former Fairy Queen. It can see even though it’s not connected to her optic nerve. It also grants Margo the ability to see normally invisible things, such as spiritual entities.


  • Smith & Wesson Model 12: Hanson used this revolver to save Eliot from a Neitherlander.
  • Sorrow and Sorrow: A pair of twin magical axes with the power to drive out a spirit possessing a body. Margo took these from the Foremost after freeing the trapped female spirits in his camp.


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  • Originally, Margo's name was Janet Pluchinsky but it was changed to avoid any confusion with other characters with 'J's in their names (e.g. Julia, Josh, Jane, etc.)
    • When meeting Zelda Schiff for the first time, Zelda greets Margo as Janet.
      • Margo corrects her, but Zelda adds, "This time." This is a direct nod to the books itself.
    • After restoring the Wellspring, Margo's memory is wiped by the Librarians and she adopts the identity of a fashion editor named Janet Pluchinsky, based on a character in a comic that Henry Fogg read as a kid.
  • In The Mayakovsky Circumstance, Margo summoned a Djinn. Margo's actor, Summer Bishil, portrayed a genie in the Disney movie Return to Halloweentown.
  • Margo is the first female High King of Fillory in history, the second being Fen.

Behind the Scenes


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