"I always saw something in you. Even when you didn't see it yourself. Now, perhaps you will."
Fairy Queen to Margo Hanson[src]

Margo Hanson's Fairy Eye is an eye given to Margo Hanson by the Fairy Queen as a replacement for her missing right eye that was destroyed to prevent the Fairies from spying on her.


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Gift From the Fairy Queen

"It's a Fairy eye. A gift you will learn to understand in time. But one you must hide in plain sight."
Fairy Queen[src]

When Margo Hanson granted full citizenship to the Fairies following her election as High King of Fillory, the Fairy Queen gifted her a new eye to replace the one she destroyed to prevent the Fairy Queen from spying on her and Eliot Waugh while planning to rid themselves of the Fairies. The Fairy Queen explained that the eye was a gift that Hanson would learn to understand in time, but one she'd have to hide in plain sight, placing a glamour over it to appear normal.[1]


"I can see all sorts of things."
Margo Hanson[src]
  • Sight: Upon being given to Margo, the eye adapted to her physiology and granted her full sight.
    • Extrasensory Perception: To be added


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