"A golem of Margo. A Margolem!"
Eliot Waugh[src]

The Margolem was a Golem created in the image of Margo Hanson.


"You put my life at risk so you can have a realistic-looking sex doll?"
Margo Hanson to Lasaro[src]
"This wiki is more withholding than my last girlfriend."
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The Margolem was created by Lasaro after a previous encounter with Margo Hanson, whom Lasaro met at Encanto Oculto in Ibiza. Lasaro used Hanson's chi to mold the Living Clay into her image but failed to see an error in his casting until the spell began affecting Hanson, who came to his studio looking for answers. After seeing the golem, Hanson took it from Lasaro, intending to destroy it but instead chose to keep it.[1]


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