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Marina Andrieski was a powerful hedge witch and former Brakebills University student who trained Julia Wicker in magic.


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Early Life

Marina attended Brakebills and demonstrated that she was an extremely talented and powerful magician. However, she was expelled three months before graduation. Dean Fogg believed she was the best student he ever had, but he then said that he had confused talent with character and that both were necessary to be a true magician. Somehow, after leaving Brakebills and having her memories wiped, Marina learned about magic again and became a powerful magician, ruling a safehouse in New York. At some point before the beginning of season 1, a Hedge Magician named Hannah recklessly cast a spell and Marina cleaned up the mess that Hannah had caused. To settle the debt, Hannah's daughter, Kady Orloff-Diaz, attended Brakebills to be able to smuggle magical objects and texts to Marina.

Hedge Witch Leader

When she first meets Julia, she pretends to be an amateur beginner, and she observes Julia as the initiate works to get them both out of a freezer. In The World in the Walls she used Julia to help her sneak into the school to take back her memories that were sealed inside a box in Dean Fogg's office in a elaborate plan that allowed her to enter Brakebills while the wards were lowered. After discovering Julia confessed what happened to Quentin, she burns red x's on Julia's stars and kicks her out. Later, when Julia and Hannah attempt to steal her spells from her safehouse, she curses them and causes Kady's mother to bleed to death. Marina visits Julia in rehab, saying she still respects Julia and she is willing to put aside all hostilities as long as Julia is willing to do the same and doesn't get in her way.

Marina, Julia and Reynard

Later on, Julia Wicker, with no one else to turn to, sought out Marina after a failed ritual which summoned a sadistic god of trickery, who killed the group of hedges and raped Julia. The god's assault was so traumatic to Julia that she begged Marina to alter her memories. Marina agreed to do so, only for her magic to be reversed by the god Ember.

Later, after Julia enlists the Beast's help in killing Reynard, he believes the god will not arrive without sufficient bait and kidnaps Marina. Julia asks her to help, but Marina chooses not to and leaves, but contacts another powerful Hedge Witch in San Francisco. When Marina arrives to find the Hedge Magician brutally killed by Reynard she seeks asylum at Brakebills, but she is denied sanctuary by Dean Fogg and storms off angrily. Having nowhere else to turn to, she returns to Julia to help her kill Reynard.

When setting up the trap for Reynard, Marina was instructed to call on Our Lady Underground, but Martin teleported himself and Julia away from the scene as to not allow the god to discover the trap. Marina realized the two were gone after the ritual and Reynard did not show. She went back home, while Reynard was following her and confronted her once she arrived at her house. He bound her to a chair and taunted her, brutally killing her cat and biting off one of her fingers while she attempted to break free and cast magic while Julia and Martin were trying to break down the wards around her home casted by Marina before realizing Reynard was inside her home. Once the wards were broken, Martin trapped the god and Marina breaks free from Reynard's binding spell. Before Julia could kill Reynard, Penny Adiyodi teleported into the apartment and grabbed Martin, Julia tried to intervene ending up teleporting away back to fillory with Penny and the Beast, leaving Marina alone with a freed Reynard. Julia returned to Marina's apartment to find Reynard gone and Marina's broken corpse and a message on her arm left for Julia to find.

A couple episodes later, Marina is brought back to life briefly with a necromancy spell casted by Julia and Kady, she provides relevant information about how to defeat Reynard before her time on earth expired.


"I am willing to teach the right people everything I know, and I know a lot, because I have certain connections in certain places, just like, for instance, Brakebills."
―Marina to Julia[src]

She is shown to be extremely intelligent and calculating but showed a more compassionate side when she helped Julia. Marina is a solitary person who uses her wit sarcasm as a shield in relationships with other people. Marina is a very determined young woman, and in spite of her apparent perfidy and recklessness, she has much consideration of loyalty and takes revenge cruelly of those who betrayed her trust.

However despite her general cruel and sarcastic attitude towards others,Marina has showcased a more compassionate side to others when they go through particularly harrowing experiences,as seen where she assisted Julia in cleaning up the vicious mess left by Reynard the Fox and proceeded to erase her memories of the event on Julia's request to help her cope with her trauma despite their initial hostile relationship.

Upon being briefly resurrected and her soul summoned back to her body from Hell. Marina is shown to have become severely traumatized and fearful during her short time in the Afterlife and later expressed her desire and fear of not wanting to return to the "dark place".

Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: Marina was a dangerously skilled magician and one of the most skilled Hedge Witches of the series. After regaining her memories from Brakebills, she became even stronger, due to the added praxis of Brakebills' curriculum and structured magic adding onto her Hedge magic and practical experiences that came with it.
    • Magic Manipulation: Andrieski was able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with her hands, conjuring phosphorescent constructs of energy.
      • Warding: Andrieski is a skilled wardsmith. After gaining her memories back from Brakebills University, Andrieski updated the wards around Joyful Deli and her safe house. She was later able to place wards around her apartment to protect herself from intruders, the complexity of which gave The Beast an issue when trying to break in.
      • Memory Magic: Marina altered Julia's memories after her assault by Reynard, implanting incredibly realistic memories of events that did not happen.


  • Master Manipulator: Marina, as per the lifestyle of a Hedge, was extremely manipulative in order to accomplish her goals. She was able to exploit her helping out Hannah by forcing her daughter, Kady, to steal knowledge and magical ingredients and trinkets from Brakebills in order to keep her safehouse as top-of-the-line when it came to magical ability.



  • Marina Andrieski's Father




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