Marina Andrieski's Apartment was the apartment where Marina Andrieski lived.


Sloppy plotting
"That's just sloppy plotting."
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Trapped By Reynard

"You just locked us both inside, you know?"
Reynard the Fox[src]

After helping Julia Wicker attempt to trap Reynard the Fox by feinting a summoning for Our Lady Underground, Marina returned to her apartment and replaced the protection wards, inadvertently trapping herself with Reynard, who followed her home.

As Reynard began to slowly torture her, binding her to a chair and mutilating her cat Cupcake, Julia and Martin Chatwin arrived in time to free Marina and finally kill the trickster god with the Leo Blade. However, Penny Traveled into the apartment and grabbed Martin and Julia, traveling back to Fillory before they could finish the job.

When Julia arrived back, Reynard had killed Marina and taken the Leo Blade.[1]


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