Marry, Fuck, Kill[1] is the fourth episode in the fourth season of The Magicians, and forty-third episode overall.


Josh gives Margo a muffin; Julia drinks schnapps.


Sloppy plotting
"That's just sloppy plotting."
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Back in Kady's apartment in New York, the Nameless is lounging around, musing on the orb he pulled out of Bacchus. Josh is busy in the kitchen, baking muffins for Quentin in condolence for his Dad dying. Josh is still complaining to Penny-23, Josh helped kill Bacchus and is in no way happy about it.

Margo joins them and goes to the Monster, and though he says he's tried and can't figure out what to do with the orb, Margo says hey, being human is often like that, things hurt, you don't know stuff, it's a drag, maybe he might like to try some other body, maybe non-human. Margo and Josh did what the Monster wanted, so their deal should be over. The Monster says he's fine as is, and Travels away.

Quentin and Julia are outside in a park, Quentin has missed his Dad's death and funeral, he's going to visit his Mom but nothing will make things better with her. Julia offers to come to say it wasn't Quentin's fault, but he says it wouldn't help. (Amazingly, through this scene they each smoke cigarettes, and neither is acting as if that was unusual.) Julia is going to go through Marina's books to see if she can find why she's indestructible. Quentin suggests that Penny-23 help her with research, Penny-23 is still a bit hooked on her.

Margo is morose, the Monster hasn't given up Eliot's body, so Josh offers her a muffin, he's sorry about Eliot as well. As he looks at her, he has strange feelings of desire for Margo, strange ideas, he collapses, changes into a werewolf, jumps on Margo.... And wakes up out of the nightmare. He finds blood on his hands and head, and next to him in bed there's a lump of bloody animal flesh.

Josh is scrambling around cleaning up the blood and debris in his room, when Penny-23 walks in. Penny-23 immediately catches on that Josh is hiding something, and asks if it's because of the Quickening. From this point, Penny-23 wants Josh away from Julia, he's protective of Julia even though she's not the one he knew. Then Julia comes in, looking for books to help her with her goddess problem, and Josh suggests the Maenads, the companions of Bacchus, they should still be in Fillory. Penny-23 offers to take Julia there.

Josh goes to Brakebills and talks with a Professor of cryptozoology, who turns out to be the werewolf that he caught lycanthropy from. She says she doesn't really know what the Quickening is, but luckily it only happens every thirty years or so, and in the 48 hours leading up to it, the werewolf has to have sex with someone (to pass on the lycanthropy), or kill someone, or else the werewolf goes crazy. All of this alarms Josh, but the professor just recommends a dating app to find someone to have sex with, that's what she did to find him.

Josh explains all this to Margo and he's fallen into despair, but Margo's having none of that, she says they'll fix the problem or die trying. Then Josh recalls: when he was Isaac, he was still werewolf-infected though he didn't know, and there was a woman he had sex with. He needs to warn her, she probably has caught lycanthropy from him.

He visits her, and though she barely remembers Isaac, she responds to the symptoms Josh lists, weird violent dreams, unable to control herself with the opposite sex. She shows him her bedroom, which is torn up, splattered with blood, and the bed is occupied by a dead, somewhat dismembered, man.

Josh goes back to Margo and is upset, he made an innocent girl a murderer. Margo calms him down and says she found a spell, it shouldn't take much magic but it could break the curse. They go to get a necessary ingredient, and as they go, Josh gives Margo a gun loaded with silver bullets, just in case.

Margo and Josh have gotten the ingredients, and Margo calls out the spell, but as they are driving back, Josh feels weird again, as if he's about to turn violent again, so he gets out and runs into the forest, so as not to rape Margo. He comes back and says he spent his desire on a tree, so she's safe for now, but the spell didn't work. He says they should go to Brakebills.

At Brakebills, Josh locks himself in an animal cage and gives her the key; Margo says he's over-reacting, but he's beside himself, he could have raped or killed her. Margo is insistent, they can't give up, and staying in the cage will just kill Josh. She harps on him being a quitter, and takes matters into her own hands: she unlocks the cage, gets in, locks it, and tosses the key away. Josh says this is bad, he could rape her, and he likes her. She reaches down, takes off her panties, and says she likes him too, and she's not going to lose another friend today, she can't make Josh kill someone, but she can consent to having sex with him.

After sex, they are lying contentedly together, and Josh is warning Margo, she's now L-positive like him. She says that won't be a problem for thirty years, she jokes she won't live that long anyway. He asks if this was "casual", and she says, she saved his life, that's not casual at all. Margo wishes she could have done something to save Eliot, anything, but she thinks he might actually just be gone.

Alice was stolen away from the Library stacks by Christopher Plover, who seems to have a small, cluttered apartment somewhere in the Library that they don't know about. Alice knows his history as a pedophile, and is uncomfortable with him, but he wants to make a deal with her: he can lead her to the Revision room, where she can do something about the books of her and her friends, and she can help him in a spell to send him to another world.

Christopher has a World Book, which allows you to locate different worlds, he hopes they can send him to a world where he can belong, not as a pedophile, but just as a person. She takes some convincing, but agrees that they can help each other.

Christopher shows Alice the Revising Room, an immense room filled with desks and typewriters, each of which is automatically typing new pages to the books of people. Clerks are going down the aisles of typewriters and collecting new pages, bringing them to collection tables. They realize that if Alice just steals her book, the Library will use the typewriters to find where she is. Christopher has a spell for automatic writing: given a premise, it can write a story line around it, they can fake the last part of her book to mislead the Library.

Alice uses her skill of light-bending to sneak up to a collection table and search it; it happens to have blocks of new pages for the books of her and her friends. She takes them and sneaks away.

Back in Christopher's room, Alice goes through the new pages to see what her friends are doing, and discovers that Quentin's book says he's going to die next week.

Penny-23 and Julia arrive in Fillory at the site in the forest where Bacchus was having his party earlier. Several people are just lying around, perhaps dead. They find the maenad Shoshana, about to hang herself, because the god she serves is dead, and the other maenads used up all the poison. Julia needs her help, and tries to get her into a better mood by sharing a bottle of schnapps she finds on the ground. After a bit of that, Julia says she used to be a goddess, but gave that up, and now she seems to be indestructible but unable to use magic, and wants to know what's going on. Shoshana knows a ritual to help diagnose her, but Shoshana can't do it, the ritual takes someone who believes in and worships Julia. Penny-23 says he can do it.

Penny-23 and Julia go to one of the tents nearby. The ritual is for Penny-23 to anoint a naked Julia with oil, then to wash her feet and keep the water. Penny-23 is very cautious with Julia, she's not the Julia he loved and he doesn't want to offend her with being over-familiar. She has to coax him into being relaxed enough with her to get through this.

They take the wash water to Shoshana, who peers at it and says Julia is loaded with power, it's not the power that mortals do magic with, it's the power of a real goddess, more than Shoshana has even seen. Shoshana says she has a new deity to follow: Julia.

Quentin is going through his Dad's house with his mother, ending up in a big room that's full of his father's models, mostly model airplanes. Mom continues to be annoyed at Quentin's not responding to the notices she sent, and he's not going to be able to make things all better. Anyway, the house needs to be sold, the roomful of models means nothing to her, but she knows someone who will take them off their hands. Quentin volunteers to pack them all in boxes.

As he is packing, the Monster walks in, and he and Quentin have a discussion on doing things for the dead, how Quentin packing the models is somehow relating to his dead father. It's only a game to the Monster, and not interesting either, but Quentin is working his way through the models.

But the Monster's patience ends as the packing is almost done, and he throws a model against the wall, smashing it. Quentin objects, but the Monster laughs: with Dad dead, really all the models belong to Quentin, to do with what he wants. Maybe breaking planes will make Quentin feel better. Quentin smashes one model, then another, and then he is smashing them all against the wall, the Monster helping by getting them out of boxes to be smashed.

Finally the models are all destroyed, and Quentin says that was cathartic, he got a lot of breaking and yelling out of his system. The Monster says it's good to get things like that over with, and he still needs Quentin's help to search for gods, so to help him, he tells Quentin that his friend Eliot is dead, he's really gone. His soul died, but he didn't suffer, which the Monster would have preferred.

At this point, the camera zooms in on the Monster's face, into his eye. For an instant we see a sight of torches, and we hear music and a woman singing. Then the camera zooms out again, but it's not the face of the Monster. The Monster is always unshaven, shabbily dressed, and eyes half-asleep. We now see Eliot's face, well shaven, perfectly dressed with a tie, and wide awake: It's Eliot, standing in what looks like the Brakebills campus. The music and singing is still going on, but Eliot is alone, turning in all directions, calling "Hello? Is anybody there? Margo?"


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