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Martin Chatwin was a powerful magician and former High King of Fillory. Martin and his siblings discovered Fillory while exploring the house of Christopher Plover, their caretaker, who repurposed their adventures for his series of novels, Fillory and Further. After suffering from the sexual abuse of Plover over the years, Martin devised a plan to stay in Fillory forever, striking a deal with the Fillorian god Umber in the process. Martin later abandoned his identity and went on to become one of the most feared creatures in Fillorian history, known as The Beast.

As his sister Jane grew to oppose Martin's rule over Fillory, she recruited members of a prestigious magical academy to combat him. After 39 attempts to defeat Martin failed, The Beast killed Jane in the 40th timeline she created. However, Alice Quinn succeeded in killing him after becoming a Niffins, ending his reign.


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Aunt Maude's House

Martin Chatwin was the eldest of the Chatwin Children. (In the show, Rupert was the eldest and there was only Rupert, Martin and Jane; there were no more siblings) He was sent, along with his siblings, to his Aunt Maude's house, during World War I. During a party that Aunt Maude was hosting, he was attempting to understand a (possibly magical) grandfather clock, when He entered Fillory via a portal inside of it. Fiona follows him in the clock, and then the events of The World in the Walls occurred. From Rupert Chatwin's perspective, he reappeared shortly after entering the grandfather clock. They were wearing different clothes, they looked more suntanned and fit, and their hair had grown longer.

Fillory's Adventures

In The Magicians, the Chatwin Children are rumored to have been real and to have lived next door to the author, Christopher Plover. Martin finds a way to remain in Fillory forever, and Quentin makes it his mission to find Martin, if he is still alive. It turns out, however, that although Martin is alive, the secret behind his stay in Fillory is darker than the Physicals could have imagined.


Fillory chooses who enters her borders and who doesn't. As Martin grows older, it doesn't call him anymore. Martin grows increasingly annoyed by his apparent banishment from Fillory. With help from Rupert and some magic of his own, he gets into Fillory anyway and sells his humanity to Umber for the power to stay in Fillory forever.

TV Biography

Martin, along with his sisters and brothers, were sent to live with their neighbor, novelist Christopher Plover, during World War II. Plover welcomed the children into his home, treating them as his own while taking a particular liking to Martin. Throughout the years, Martin became the victim of Plover's abuse, being sexually assaulted and exploited by his caretaker, who viewed it as payment and gratitude for his adoption of the Chatwin children in their time of need.

When Martin discovered the magical gateway into Fillory, a land of gorgeous flora and whimsical fauna, Martin seized the opportunity to escape from the Plover household, later introducing the magical world to Jane and Rupert Chatwin. Plover would then create the Fillory and Further series loosely based off of the tales the Chatwin children would recount from their adventures in the distant world. Plover then devised a plan to join the Chatwins on their adventures to Fillory, much to the dismay of Martin.

Sometime later, Ember, the Fillorian God of Chaos, grew bored of the depressed Martin, banishing him from the world. Desperate, Martin pleaded with Jane to convince Ember to let him return. When this failed, Jane decided to request an alternate way into Fillory from the Questing Beast. Granting her wish, the Questing Beast gave Jane a magical button, stating that to travel to and from Fillory, one would have to simply touch the button. Helen Chatwin later hid the button, leading Martin to search for alternate routes into Fillory, eventually succeeding.

Martin headstone

Martin Chatwin's Headstone in Fillory

After his escape into Fillory, Martin ran across a pair of magicians, Julia and Quentin from the future, who promised to help him after completing their quest. During their absence, Martin discovered he had an aptitude for magic, learning all that he possibly could and, in the process, drinking directly from the Wellspring and mutating into something more-or-less human. It was around this time that Martin decided to do away with his identity as a Chatwin and remove his Shade, ceremoniously creating a headstone for himself as "High King of Fillory".

Martin later appeared as The Beast, a mysterious entity that was accidentally let into Brakebills by Penny, Kady, Alice, and Quentin while attempting to summon Charlie Quinn, during Professor Van Der Weghe 's class.[1]

The Beast's identity is later uncovered by Quentin and Julia during their time in Fillory.


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Magic and Abilities


  • Master Magician: Martin, as a byproduct of drinking from the Wellspring throughout his early years, has gained an immense amount of raw magical power. In that time he also has become quite knowledgeable about magic in general, learning to harness his power through the application of rudimentary but powerful spells. Though not as refined as those who received formal education on magic, Martin is nevertheless able to perform feats not readily accessible to even some of Brakebills' faculty members. Martin could travel between dimensions, briefly incapacitate deities, perceive magical wards without aid, manipulate the inner workings of a soul to access the Shade, possess others, telepathically communicate, and even paralyze a large group of people with ease. The acclimation of his power was not without its own price, as Martin slowly lost all of his humanity with the personal amputation of his own Shade. However, even with the Beast's knowledge and skill, he was shown to be nowhere near the level of a Niffin.
    • Telepathy: He has been shown to be able to psychically communicate and terrorize Travelers across dimensional barriers.
    • Possession: Martin's telepathic abilities were potent enough to allow him to completely take over Mike McCormick to such a degree that he was able to access memories and convincingly mirror his personality, fooling both Eliot and Dean Fogg with his feigned innocence.
  • Traveling: Martin, due to his love for Fillory, the whimsically beautiful land serving as a safe haven from Plover's abuse, searched for as many pathways into the world as he could. When he discovered he was no longer accepted by Ember and Umber, he pleaded with his sister to find him a way in without the help of the Fillorian gods. Eventually, he was able to escape into Fillory forever, once and for all. He later acquired the ability to do so without the Button's aid, due to his over-exposure to the Wellspring, the source of all magic. This has manifested in a form similar to Travelers, as Martin teleported himself and Julia Wicker from Fillory to Earth with a single gesture.
  • Battle Magic: Martin has been shown to be well adept in the field of Battle Magic, as seen during his fight against four magicians at once, and then again in a duel with an Essence-enhanced Alice Quinn, where he was able to swiftly incapacitate and critically injure Quentin Coldwater with a single spell. He later was able to successfully fire off a fireball at Alice, even though he only had the use of one hand as he was significantly wounded by the Rhinemann Ultra, cast by an Essence-imbued Alice.
  • Magic-Enhanced Physiology: Martin Chatwin, due to his drinking from the Wellspring of Fillory over the years, has been physically altered by its effects over time. Martin was shown to be physically mutated, having grown extra fingers on both hands in order to manipulate magic to such a high degree that he surpassed most Master Magicians. He has shown attributed such as enhanced durability and enhanced senses.
    • Enhanced Durability: Martin was able to survive a direct hit from the Rhinemann Ultra, cast by an Essence-imbued Alice, followed by three attacks with the Majikku Misaru, with the third notably able to send him flying backward. Hence, he was still able to stand and engage in combat with Alice singlehandedly, literally. Although, despite his enhanced durability, he wasn't able to survive being torn apart by Niffin Alice after her transformation.
    • Enhanced Senses: Martin was able to sense the presence of magicians like Quentin and Alice hiding in the brush behind him, as well as the wards and dimensional barriers of Brakebills being weakened by Alice's attempt to communicate with her brother Charlie. He was able to locate Travelers throughout the infinite Multiverse, psychically tormenting them to insanity and suicide.


  • Master Manipulator: Even under the terms of a Word as Bond, Martin has shown himself to be capable of getting the odds to shift to his favor. With the promise of their safety from his wrath, he was able to corral a band of acolytes from the Neitherlands to trap and kill all Travelers they came across in his effort to seal of Fillory from the rest of the Multiverse. He was able to trap Reynard the Fox by luring him with Marina Andrieski, deducing that the deity wouldn't reveal himself until she was vulnerable and secluded, despite him being under magical oath sworn to Julia to not harm her allies. He later attempted to use this skill to save himself, proceeding to try to sway the newly transformed Alice Quinn with the prospect of a deal, though this proved unsuccessful. Notably, Martin was able to convince Ember that he had killed his brother, Umber, with whom he had struck a deal with to abandon Fillory, thus making the god fear his supposed power.






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