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"Are you one of those sick fuck princes who like to shoot girls with arrows, or am I going to wake up tomorrow chained to a wall?"
"If you are, I will free you, if you command. You are a woman."
Margo Hanson and Micah Grey[src]

Prince Micah Grey was the eldest son of Queen Agate Grey of the Tribe of the Floating Mountain. In an attempt at an alliance between nations of Fillory and the Floating Mountain, Micah was arranged to be married to Margo Hanson, Fillory's High Queen, but was assassinated by his brother, Fomar.


Micah Grey was first seen in A Life in the Day where he was Margo Hanson's betrothed. The first attempt on his life is carried out when he is preparing for the wedding ceremony in the same room as Margo Hanson. The attempt was carried out by his brother, Fomar Grey who shot an arrow through the window at the back of his head and narrowly missed, hitting a mirror instead. Sadly, the second attempt by Prince Fomar Grey was successful and the moment that Prince Micah Grey said the words, "I do," in the wedding ceremony an ax swung from the side, held up by a rope. The ax severed his head from his body and covered Margo Hanson's face with his blood.


Micah is very confident, like his brother, but has a very outgoing personality and doesn't seem awkward and impeded by lack of basic character facets like his brother, Fomar Grey. He is also very respectful and took care to show Margo Hanson his gentler attributes by kissing her on the hand when the first met. He also carries around a sword with him, which signifies that he is the braver of his siblings and has training as a soldier. When getting shot at during the first attempt on his life by his brother, Fomar Grey, his first reaction was to go to Margo Hanson and make sure she was okay and unharmed.

He also says stuff like, "May our great mountain find its way through your fertile valley," without even showing a sign of - well, the fact that this is obviously a double entendre - but he probably doesn't realize it, as can be explained by when Margo asks him about waking up chained to a wall and he says that if she is (chained to a wall) he will free her.




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