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The Mirror Realm, also known as the Mirror World, is a dimension that exists between Mirror Bridges.


"Doing magic in there is insanely dangerous. When I was a Niffin I... I experimented. It's easy for a spell to go haywire. Bounce around, kill everything in its path. Pretty gruesomely."
Alice Quinn[src]

The Mirror Realm is a dark reflection of the Material World. In it, everything is the opposite of the world in the state you enter in.


Mirror Bridges were invented by Magicians to avoid having to travel through the Mirror Realm due to the dangerous nature of the dimension.[1]

Alice's Experiments

"Look, those who go into the Mirror World rarely find their way out, but you did. I hoped you could-"
"Recap my time as a monster?"
Zelda Schiff and Alice Quinn[src]

During her time as a Niffin, Alice Quinn visited the Mirror Realm to explore magic, performing experiments on various creatures for her amusement.[2]

Trapped in the Mirror World

During her plan to steal the Alexandria Cell, a large battery rumored to be used by the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands, Harriet Schiff discovered that the Librarians were instead using the ground up remains of Fairies to power their spells.

When Harriet attempted to escape with evidence of the Order's transgressions, Gavin teleported beside her, throwing her into the Mirror Bridge she used to reach the Library and smashing it, destroying the bridge and trapping her in the Mirror Realm.[3]


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