Professor Mischa Mayakovsky is a highly powerful magician, and the former head of Brakebills South.


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Mayakovsky is a grumpy, often angry and secluded person. The way he teaches and pushes student magicians to their limits could easily border on abuse. Even though he has a very glum outlook on life he has shown a capacity for great care and support for Quentin and his friends. Mayakovsky's attitude can be explained by his exile due to his relations with students and loneliness but he has never abandoned his profound love and respect for magic. He is a very proud man and makes sure that everyone knows he is one of the best Master Magicians in the world at any chance he gets.

Magic and Abilities


"With one morning fart, I release more magic than Henry Fogg has in his whole life."
―Mischa Mayakovsky[src]

Master Magician: Like his father before him, Mischa Mayakovsky is a renowned Master Magician, possessing the skills, mastery, and understanding of magic that are virtually unrivaled. As such, his magical capability and litany of spellcraft are sufficient enough to allow him to perform great feats with singular gestures, such as when he rendered the entirety of the first year class at Brakebills South mute. He was able to restore the face of Emily Greenstreet after her attempt to alter her face. Mayakovsky was also able to adequately instruct Penny Adiyodi on mastering his ability to Travel, pushing him beyond the boundaries and limitations of Astral Projection, and into interplanetary teleportation. Professor Mayakovsky was also able to construct and maintain at least four magical batteries, sufficient enough in energy to restore a Niffin to its human form.

  • Wellspring Magic Manipulation: Mayakovsky is able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with his hands, forming phosphorescent constructs of energy.
    • Telepathy: Mayakovsky was able to read the mind of Kady after she released her mental wards, learning of her and Penny's plans to free her from Marina once and for all.
    • Portal Creation: At the end of each semester, Mayakovsky creates a portal back into the warded ground of Brakebills University in New York.


  • Genius-level Intellect: To be added
    • Multilingual: Mayakovsky speaks his native Russian tongue, and is fluent in English, albeit with a thick Russian accent.






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