The Modesto Act of Terror was terrorist attack on the Modesto branch of the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands orchestrated by Whitley and Dylan after the death of several hedge witches caused by the Library's Deweys. It resulted in the death of 4 Librarians, including Laurel and Paul, and multiple civilians.


"I have a buddy in Modesto. He says there's a leaky Library pipe there. I say we use it to make those assholes pay."
"Look, I know what you're going through-"
"Do you? They kill your boyfriend?"
"Actually, yeah."
Whitley and Kady Orloff-Diaz[src]

After Alice Quinn and Santa Claus escaped from the Library of the Neitherlands, Zelda Schiff requested that the Governing Council place Searchers on the Library's Deweys in the event that Alice or Nick would attempt to use the coins for extra magic due to the ambient levels provided by the Library being too low to keep either satisfied.[1]

Kareem and Duke, two hedge witches, died after coming into contact with the enchanted Deweys due to the spell having a bad interaction with their personal enchantments.

Modesto leaky pipe

Alice and Sheila find a leak in a OLN pipe.

In Modesto, California, Alice Quinn and Sheila Cozener discovered a leaking Library pipe and split it open, releasing more ambient magic into the area. Dylan, a hedge witch working at a gas station in Modesto, sensed the increase of magic in the area and contacted his friend Whitley, who was mourning the death of Kareem.[2]

Kady meets with Hedges

Kady meets with the hedges in New York City.

Kady Orloff-Diaz met with the Hedge Witches of New York City and informed them that the Library's Deweys were now dangerous and could kill them. Afterward, Whitley informed Kady that Dylan had told her about the leaky pipe in Modesto and suggested they retaliate against the Library, but Kady said it would just make everything worse for the Hedge Witches. Whitley agreed that she wouldn't act against the Library, but traveled to Modesto to meet Dylan.


Whitley and Dylan bomb Modesto library

Whitley and Dylan attack the Modesto library.

Laurel and Paul visited Sheila Cozener's home to invite her to become a Junior Librarian for the Order after she discovered her Discipline. Afterward, they went to the Modesto Valley College Library.

Whitley and Dylan watched from across the street as the Librarians entered. Once they were inside, the two hedges released a wave of magic at the library, decimating the building.


OLN Magic Monitor

The Library installs monitors to track magic use in homes.

"What's that?"
"The Library put that in after the Modesto Act of Terror. Keeps track of magic use."
"So you take their handouts, and in exchange you let them spy on you?"
"The gas company keeps a meter behind the garage. Are they spying on me?"
Alice Quinn and Stephanie Quinn[src]

Following the bombing, Gavin and Muhammed were sent to retrieve Cozener, and were waiting at her door when she arrived home. Everett, the leader of the Governing Council, decided to keep the enchanted Deweys in circulation to "monitor" the hedges.

Kady tasked Pete with turning in Whitley for the attack, hoping that the Library would no longer consider all hedge witches a threat.

Meanwhile, the Library installed devices that monitored magical use in the homes of trusted Magicians, such as in the Quinn Residence.


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