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"Welcome to the Muntjac, Sire. There's no faster boat in all of Fillory, and certainly none more wise in the ways of seafaring."
Tick Pickwick[src]

The Muntjac is a Fillorian Deer-Class sea vessel, newly refurbished for the High King of Fillory. It is made of sentient trees and designed to explore, do battle, and deceive.


Quest for the Seven Keys

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"The Muntjac designed herself to explore, do battle, and deceive. She can carry threescore most comfortably."

Constructed from the wood of sentient trees, the Muntjac is a living boat and possesses a personality. The interior is larger than the exterior, allowing the ship to easily carry passengers and cargo without difficulty, and the ship is capable of sailing faster than any ship in Castle Whitespire's fleet. The Muntjac is capable of navigating itself without a captain, as well as flying by sailing on the wind.





  • The Muntjac was featured prominently in The Magician King.
  • As a deer-class vessel, the Muntjac is considered to be "magical creatures of a sort".[1]
  • It is revealed to be capable of flight in All That Josh.


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