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"Am I the only one getting "The Ring"/"Grudge"-type vibes here?"
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We meet a Ismenie , a naiad in Fillory in the episode The 4-1-1.She was imprisoned because she had deboned several farmers that were drinking from her well. She explains that the water from the well is her very soul, an extension of her and drinking from it is drinking part of her. This was used later in the episode as a method of torture by Tick Pickwick to make her talk about the massive amount of magical water movement in the land.

She blames the thirsty Thirteenth, who is King Roderick, who created the fillorian plumbing system, capturing the naiads in certain places instead of flowing free in the land.

It is from Ismenie information that High King Fen , Josh Hoberman and Tick Pickwick will learn where the magical water are going; in The Secret Sea , hidden in Castle Whitespire.

=Other Facts

  • They have great knife skills [1]
  •  It is important to the dryads and the naiads to be distinct from one another even if they are classified under the same umbrella term of Nymph. The wrong name-calling will make them anger and hostile.[2]


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