Nameless is the younger of a pair of twin gods created by the Old Gods. Possessing the power of multiple gods, Nameless and his sister were considered mistakes and were imprisoned in Castle Blackspire. After four Librarians sacrificed his sister for her power, Nameless lost his identity and memories until Quentin Coldwater and his friends released him from Blackspire while reactivating the Wellspring.

After possessing the body of Eliot Waugh, Nameless tracked Coldwater down and recruited him in his campaign to get his memories back and take revenge on the Librarians. Following the resurrection of his sister, Nameless was convinced by his twin to take revenge on their creators but was soon exorcised by Margo Hanson and bound to a bottle until Coldwater trapped him in the Antiverse.


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Early Life

"I remember you. You took something from me, something important, and then you... threw me in a cage, and I would like for you to explain."
"You remember all that, but you don't remember what you are - what you did."
Eliot Waugh and Bacchus[src]

After the Old Gods created the Monster, he proved to be too powerful and uncontrollable, and he later committed an act that led to all of the gods stripping him of his body and memories and then locking him away in Castle Blackspire.

Guarded by Ora

After her father died guarding Castle Blackspire, Ora took his place in keeping the Monster entertained. Generations later, when the Old Gods took away magic from the universe, Quentin Coldwater and his friends went on a quest to restore magic, which led them to Blackspire. After the group entered the castle, the Monster revealed himself, excited to have new friends to play with. After seeing Quentin show the Monster a card trick, Eliot Waugh shot the Monster with a god-killing bullet, upset with the idea of losing Quentin.

However, the Monster survived, and he left his previous, now-deceased host to possess Ora instead. After Quentin and his friends restored the Wellspring, the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands, led by Irene McAllistair and Henry Fogg, captured the group and used a potion to erase their memories and change their identities.

Now free, the Monster left Castle Blackspire and traveled to Earth, where he found and possessed Eliot. After several months of searching, the Monster found Quentin and recruited him in finding the gods that were responsible for his imprisonment in Blackspire.[1]


The Monster initially appeared to be childishly selfish and lonely, as the Librarians had separated him from his sister and would torture and threaten people to compel them to obey his every whim, including his desire for company. His main goal was to bring his sister back, and he was willing to kill anyone who interfered with his plan, especially the gods responsible for destroying her body in the first place. He initially showed little care for human life, and he disregarded the safety of his host's body as he "played" with new sensations and experiences; however, this changed after he had spent time with Quentin and his friends, and he came to understand more of the nuances of the mortal world and learned to appreciate its beauty.

Magic and Abilities

"I don't know what he is - and I'm assuming it's a "he" because this is some toxically masculine behavior - but he walked through every ward and shield I have. Set off every alarm."
Marina Andrieski[src]


  • Divine Physiology: The Monster was a creation of the Old Gods, and he possessed the strength of multiple gods.
    • Immortality: The Monster was an unaging being that had lived since the time of the Old Gods. His immortality surpasses that of normal gods like Bacchus, Iris, Persephone or Hades. He survived a shot from a bullet that would otherwise have killed a god.[1] According to the Binder, the Monster and his sister couldn’t die.
    • Possession: The Monster was able to inhabit the bodies of other creatures, through which he could perform basic actions, and he relied on possessing others after his own body was destroyed. The Monster would trap his host's mind within his own consciousness, where they would remain until their bodies died; however, his hosts could momentarily break free of his control by finding a specific door in his mindscape.[2] Due to his hosts being mortal, the Monster needed to feed and protect their bodies, or else they would become too damaged and he would need a new vessel.[3][4]
    • Telekinesis: The Monster was able to move and otherwise manipulate objects to his will to an immense degree. His precision with his power was enough to allow him to cleanly slice open Corybant's stomach, as well as snap Quentin Coldwater's arm with a single motion.[5] Alice Quinn noted that Quentin's book foretold that the Monster would kill him with a single thought.[2] When Quentin stopped the Monster from killing Eliot Waugh's body, he threw Quentin back with a simple motion.
    • Conjuration: The Monster summoned a knife in his hand, which he used to cut open Bacchus' chest and kill him.[6]
    • Teleportation: The Monster was able to teleport himself and others to different parts of the Multiverse, even into warded facilities. After Quentin Coldwater and his friends restored the Wellspring, the Monster was able to travel from Castle Blackspire to Earth to recruit Quentin in his search for the gods that imprisoned him and stole his memories. He was able to enter Marina Andrieski's Apartment despite the various active wards and shields,[6] and he later took Margo Hanson and Josh Hoberman to Fillory to trap and kill Bacchus. The Monster couldn’t teleport while he was in close proximity to a structure of Living Stones or if he came into direct contact with the blood of a Living Stone.
    • Resurrection: Nameless was also capable of animating and resurrecting dead bodies at will,as seen when he was able to reanimate and awaken a long dead mummy in order to obtain information on Heka by simply tapping its sarcophagus.


  • In a promotional video released on YouTube, "The Magicians In Cars Getting Rides", the character books a ride with Uber under the name "Jennifer", leading fans to adopt the name for the character afterward.


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