"You’re very grounded, poised to harness the Earth’s innate power. Don’t be surprised if a lot of people start asking you to grow them weed."
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Natural Magic is a magical discipline concerning the manipulation and development of the environment through the use of magic.


Natural Magic deals primarily with environmental magic. Natural students are known to maintain and groom the grounds of Brakebills, though it is unknown whether or not their magic allows them to manipulate fauna as well.

Josh Hoberman was able to use his proficiency in Natural magic to create a number of psychedelic crops,[1] as well as a strain of marijuana that allows people to see other worlds.

Brakebills House

Natural students live in a large treehouse in the forest surrounding Brakebills, past the border of the Sea.[2]


  • Herbalism: The study of magical plants and fungi, Professor Lipson listed Herbalism during Quentin Coldwater's examination for his Discipline.[3]
  • Plant Manipulation: Alice Quinn was able to perform a spell that accelerated the growth of an apple tree from seed to full development.
  • Weather Manipulation: Natural students can create and shape the meteorological patterns, such as creating rain, invoking changes in the wind, or even calling upon thunderstorms. A group of Natural students were shown capable of manipulating a miniature cloud when Quentin first arrived at Brakebills.[4] Julia Wicker and Kady Orloff-Diaz later used a Natural spell to provoke a sudden excitement in the atmosphere to create a large storm in order to fool Reynard the Fox into believing Persephone had returned to Earth.[5]




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