"Any idea who the motherfuckers in the hoods are that are trying to kill me?"
"The locals used to work for us in a custodial funtion, but labor relations have become somewhat strained of late."
Penny and Zelda Schiff[src]

The Neitherlanders are the natives of the Neitherlands.


"We had to ban them from the libraries. They've been thoroughly cursed, so they can't use the fountains, but that hasn't stopped them from finding other employment, some with a particularly nasty entity"
Zelda Schiff[src]

The Neitherlanders are the native race to the Neitherlands. After the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands was established on their worlds, the race served the Order as custodians until they defected after labor relations became strained, and the Librarians so they could no longer use the Fountains. Santa Claus came across a Neitherlander named Eve during his visit to the Library to look for a book that would help him complete his spell to find good children.[1] They were later employed by The Beast to kill any Magician who visited the Neitherlands to prevent any threats to his attempt to conquer the world of Fillory. Penny Adiyodi met Eve when he accidentally arrived in the Neitherlands after coming in contact with a enchanted button, and was forced to hide in the Library when she and her gang attempted to kill him before he was able to escape through the Earth Fountain.[2] When Adiyodi and his friends returned to the Neitherlands to travel to Fillory, Eve and several other Neitherlanders pursued them until Eve was killed by Adiyodi in self-defense when they made it to the Fillory Plaza.[3]


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