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"The Old Gods, the creators of the universe, of all magic itself. To Ember, we're like toys, but to them we're- we're cells. When we're harmless they ignore us, but when we become malignant, they amputate."
Alice Quinn[src]

The Old Gods are beings of thought and energy who created magic and the universe. They are primordial beings that gave birth to the Gods worshipped by civilizations across the Multiverse.


Creating the Multiverse

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Petitioned by Librarians

"It was a problem that perplexed The Binder and his fellow Librarians, but, as it turned out, the Old Gods themselves provided a solution. Two siblings. Mistakes. Born with the power of many gods. They were created with one unique quality that made them essential to this experiment. They could not die."

When five ancient Librarians from the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands searched for a way to become Gods, the Old Gods aided the Magicians by providing them with the twin gods that were imprisoned in Castle Blackspire due to the flaws of their creation; they were unable to be killed, and could not function if separated from their sibling. The Librarians successfully managed to bind the sister into four Stone Organs, which they then bound to themselves, becoming Gods.[1]

Alternate Timelines

In Timeline 23, the Old Gods took away magic from the universe after Quentin Coldwater, now known as The Beast, killed Ember and stole his power.[2]

Characteristic Traits

The Old Gods are described as intangible beings of thought and are said to reside in a realm of their own after leaving the Material Universe. Alice Quinn stated that while Gods like Ember would see Humans as toys to play with, the Old Gods see them as cells, and would only act if they became malignant. The Old Gods created magic itself, and have the ability to create new Gods with their power.


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