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"This isn't a prison, because what could be more fulfilling than immersion in the great work of the Order?"
Zelda Schiff[src]

The Order of the Library of the Neitherlands are the creators and caretakers of the Neitherlands and keepers of the Library.


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Name Position Status
Everett Rowe Head of Circulation Deceased
Zelda Schiff Head Librarian Deceased
Phyllis Head of Personnel Alive
Cyrus Head of Regulation Deceased
Derek Supervisor of the Underworld Branch Deceased
Penny Librarian Deceased
Howard Librarian Deceased
Gavin Independant Contractor Alive
Shanya Librarian Alive
Bruce Librarian Alive
Kathy Librarian Alive
Cassandra Scribe Alive
Sylvia Librarian Deceased
Paul Librarian Deceased
Laurel Librarian Deceased
Sheila Cozener Junior Librarian Alive



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