Phyllis is a member of the Governing Council and one of the prime overseers of the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands' operations.


Working for the Order

Phyllis joined the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands as a Junior Librarian and worked her way up to the Governing Council, where she was appointed Head of Personnel.

Jailbreak in the Neitherlands

Phyllis sees Santa's sleigh

Phyllis sees Santa Claus' Sleigh fly into the Neitherlands.

When Alice Quinn and Santa Claus escaped from the Library of the Neitherlands, Phyllis was taking a smoke break near the Fountains when she suddenly witnessed Santa Claus' Sleigh flying off and into the Neitherlands. Afterward, she reported the incident to the Governing Council, trying not to laugh at the fact that Santa Claus just escaped.

Governing Council of the Order

Phyllis reports Santa Claus' escape.

When Cyrus demanded that she treat the situation seriously, Phyllis stated that Alice Quinn and Santa Claus had likely taken their Books during the escape, so the Order had no way to track them. As Cyrus advocated for the execution of Alice and Nick, Phyllis agreed that the fugitives posed a threat to the Order.[1]

The Serpent Attacks

"We need a middle ground solution. Temporary cure. Reed's Mark."
"I fail to see how hedges will interpret that as empathetic."
"Agreed. They might feel we're taking away their defenses."
"Well, get a blood worm and cast, you boil alive. So there's that. The Mark would prevent them from triggering the parasite, even accidentally."
Everett Rowe, Zelda Schiff, Cyrus, and Phyllis[src]
Governing Council discuss Serpent

Phyliss and the Governing Council discuss the Serpent.

Following the terrorist attack on the Library's branch in Modesto, the Order lowered the levels of ambient magic in the universe to prevent another attack by the Hedge Witches.

Days later, a video surfaced on a group of rogue Hedge Witches using Blood Worms on other hedges, burning them from the inside if they tried to use magic. After reviewing the video, Phyllis sided with Everett's idea to use Reed's Mark to protect the hedges from triggering the blood worm, and provide a temporary cure for non-infected hedges.[2]


"This is not funny."
"I'm not laughing... now"
Cyrus and Phyllis[src]

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