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"Physical Kids. Telekinesis; move shit, lift shit. Most can fly. Also, magnificent partiers. Do not come by our house if you have anything to do the next morning."
Eliot Waugh[src]

The Physical Kids' Cottage is the official housing facility for the Physical Magic students at Brakebills University.


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Brakebills Elite

The Physical Kids' Cottage was built following the founding of Brakebills University in 1763. A tradition emerged at some point in which new members must use their magic to enter the Cottage as an initiation. The average time to get in is 6 hours, though the record is held by Janet Pluchinsky at making it in 63 minutes.[1] As a prank for the first-year students, Margo Hanson and Eliot Waugh began the tradition that the Cottage would be moved to a different location on campus at the end of every school year.[2]

Charlie Quinn's Transformation

In 2010, Emily Greenstreet attempted to perform a spell to change her appearance to appeal to Mischa Mayakovsky, a Professor at Brakebills University whom Greenstreet was having an affair with. Greenstreet's attempt failed, however, and she ran from the Cottage with her face covered. Charlie Quinn, a classmate and admirer, heard the commotion and went to investigate, finding Greenstreet at Van Pelt Fountain preparing to kill herself.[3]

Alice and Quentin's New Dorm

Alice Quinn and Quentin Coldwater break into the Cottage.

"Phosphoromancy, bitches!"
Quentin Coldwater[src]

In 2015, Alice Quinn's Discipline was determined as Phosphoromancy, under Physical Magic. Quentin Coldwater, however, was ruled Undetermined and accompanied Quinn to the Cottage as a temporary residence until his Discipline could be decided. However, the two were locked out, with a note saying "Let yourself in" taped to the door. Quinn realized that they were supposed to force their way into the Cottage, as Physical Magic is typically seen as brutal and gruesome, and Coldwater suggested she use her Discipline to break in. Bending the light from the sun, Quinn burned a hole in the lock and the two made their way in.[3]