Poached Eggs is the seventh episode of Season 3 of The Magicians. It is also the thirty-third episode overall.


Margo makes a bold stand against the Fairy Queen; Quentin and Penny try to retrieve a lost item.


At Whitespire, Eliot and Margo, with bags full of fairy eggs, tell Tick Pickwick to cover for them, they're going to Earth. Tick says the people of the Floating Mountain are being a problem, they think now that the marriage has happened, they can pillage Fillory. Eliot says they'll deal with them after they've dealt with the fairies.

Quentin and Poppy Kline meet with Eliot and Margo at the Cottage, to find the fish toy singing, and Alice on the floor, collapsed. Later, she is awake in bed, saying that she is just getting used to Julia's magic. Henry Fogg (not really the Dean anymore, the school is shut down) is there, and thinks Alice is doing the equivalent of organ transplant rejection, but he's not sure. The others want more confidence from their always-drunk teacher, but he says there's no value in him lying, they will do what they do without him. Julia says she will take care of Alice, and the others can get on with the Quest.

Eliot and Margo

At the Cottage, Margo hides the fairy embryos in a closet and tells Todd not to let Fray find them.

Margo and Eliot make demands of the Fairy Queen: in exchange for those embryos, they want ... the Fairy Queen's bathtub. They will make the bathtub a gift to the entire population of Fillory, which will have the effect of having the entire population be a party to a Fairy contract, thus allowing them all to see the fairies.

At the Cottage, Fray finds the closet full of embryos and is upset.

At Whitespire, the Fairy Queen brings in Fray and makes a counteroffer: if she gets the embryos back, she won't hurt Fray. Eliot is prone to accept this, saying he doesn't want to hurt his own daughter, at which Fray starts to blurt out "I'm not your daughter, I'm just a human who..." (at which point the Fairy Queen freezes her). The Fairy Queen admits their real daughter died during childbirth, and Margo tells her to accept their first deal while she can.

Fen is shaken by the discovery that her daughter died and says she needs time away from Fillory.

Margo, Eliot, and Fairy Queen are in a carriage somewhere; the embryos have been returned, and the people have the bathtub. Eliot asks what was the goal of the fairies, making their whimsical demands and forced alliances, all of which made the Kings and Queens look stupid. The Fairy Queen says she will no longer help them, and vanishes, just as an angry mob surrounds the carriage and drags Eliot and Margo out.

Julia and Alice

Henry Fogg and Julia discuss immune systems, and Henry is sure that Julia's magic just doesn't fit Alice, and she should transfer the magic back. But the transfer takes magic to do, and Alice has all the magic and wouldn't do the transfer. Henry has an idea.

Irene McAllister now uses the Dean's office as her own, since the school is shut down. Julia comes to her and asks to use the McAllister store of magic to do the transfer. Irene consents to help, for a future favor; she offers a small bottle of white powder, which is not cocaine but the excretion of a "very rare magical creature", but you do snort it. Henry is curious, he wonders what sort of creature, and he also thought the McAllisters had batteries.

Professor Lipson finds Alice trying to get into the Infirmary stockroom; Lipson is just looting supplies for the market, but Alice asks for help for a few things regarding transplants. Lipson offers her a drug that could help, but only temporarily.

Julia and Henry can't find Alice, so Julia uses the white powder to do a locator spell; it does give her magic, though she says it looks and feels different.

Alice is in a car with a vampire, and offers him money to turn her into a vampire: becoming a magical creature is the only way she can keep the magic she has. Before they start changing her, Julia arrives and pulls Alice out of the car. Julia and Alice fight with magic, and Alice knocks Julia out.

Julia wakes up next to the gizmo, and Alice said she's transferred back all of the magic, she was unnerved that she almost tried to kill Julia when she was trying to help. Julia is still disturbed that the magic is really Reynard's, but Alice insists: she felt it, and it's really Julia's.

Quentin, Penny, Kady

Quentin (holding the Truth Key) is talking with Penny; Quentin's idea is for Penny to go to the Underworld, and get the key for them. But Penny can't go to the Underworld, he's not dead. Poppy suggests a dragon: the Library in the Neitherlands has a small dragon, "Bookworm", who can send books between the Neitherlands and the Underworld branches of the Library. Poppy thinks he can project himself into a book, but then, if he gets the key, it's stuck in the Underworld. Poppy says she can find Victoria Gradley, she's a traveler.

Victoria is hard to convince to get involved in the scheme, mostly because it could interfere with her work with a group that deals with freedom of information. Penny realizes that this group has ideals just like Harriet Schiff's company that disappeared, and indeed Victoria's boss turns out to be Harriet. Penny knows Harriet doesn't like him much, but she does like Kady.

Penny finds Kady in a high-risk ward of the mental hospital. He, Quentin, and Poppy come up with a plan: Quentin and Poppy will pose as doctors to come evaluate Kady, they'll steal a security badge, and Kady will walk out wearing it.

The plan doesn't quite work; a staff person gets the badge, their ruse as doctors is quite unconvincing, but with enough distractions (such as triggering the fire alarm), they get her out.

At a diner, Harriet Schiff meets with Kady, and she's grumpy that Kady didn't pay her back for her last favor. Kady signs something we can't read and asks if that's all right. Harriet asks if her friends know what they just volunteered for. Outside the diner, Quentin is surprised: they're going to rob the Library. Penny says the Library has defenses, but Kady is sure they'll get the key out. Penny goes off to become a book and get eaten by the dragon.



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  • Mackenzie Murdock as Orderly #1