"There is knowledge behind that door, Penny, that could destroy more than just people. It could destroy worlds."
Zelda Schiff to Penny[src]

The Poison World is a radioactive planet used by the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands to store dangerous knowledge.


The poison Room possess numerous books that either contains information on highly dangerous magics or highly sensitive information that could potentially endanger the Library itself.

God Killing Spells

Julia Wicker was able to obtain a spell book containing a method on how to create a weapon to successfully kill a God.

Life Books of the Governing Council of the Order

The Poison Room also contained within it the specific Life Books of the members of the Governing Council of the Library in order to protect the severely confidential information contained within them regarding the members activities,actions and personal lives that could possibly reveal severely confidential information on the Library's contents,operations and secrets. Effectively insuring that no one outside the Library can access them.

Scroll of the Old Gods

The poison room also contained within it the Resonant Singularity Scroll taken from Nameless and his Sister ages ago by ancient librarians when they captured the sister for their experiment to create New Gods.The scroll itself contains within it the key to accessing and entering into the realm of the Old Gods and the method on how to reach their plain of existence.


Sacrifice of Howard

"Wait, Howard kamikazed himself because someone wanted some banned books? That's pretty fucked up."
"What is fucked up is that there is knowledge out there that is so dangerous we need a Poison Room so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. That is why Howard sacrificed his life. It's something all Librarians would do."
Penny and Zelda Schiff[src]
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