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Prometheus was a God and former lover of the nymph Calypso. He was the creator of the Seven Golden Keys which could supposedly help Quentin Coldwater and his gang revive magic in Fillory. However, he appears to be dead for over 1,500 years.


Early Life

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Prometheus was the creator of the back door to magic, a secret source of magic that can be activated should the Old Gods ever cut off magic from the world. The back door had the appearance of a fountain which he got Calypso to hide in Castle Blackspire.

He promised Calypso to make access to the back door difficult and thus, created the quest of the Seven Golden Keys.


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Magic and Abilities

  • Divine Physiology: As a Deity, Prometheus possesses an immense degree of physical and magical ability. He is able to imbue mortals with his Essence granting them the power equivalent of a Master Magician. However, his divinity doesn't mean he is invincible, as he was able to be killed by his enemies after being weakened from sacrificing his powers.
    • Divine Magician: As a deity, Prometheus is capable of powerful and complex divine magic. However, not much is known about his powers. He created a set of Seven Golden Keys, each imbued with powerful magic independent of the wellspring though it took every atom of power he had.


  • Prometheus is a legendary character found in Greek mythology. He was known as the Titan who created man from clay and who defied the gods to steal and give mankind fire.


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