The Mother of Quentin Coldwater is a woman from New Jersey who was divorved from Ted Coldwater and worked as a painter.


Living in New Jersey, she met Ted Coldwater, a textbook editor, and developed a relationship with him. Eventually, they settled down together and had a son, Quentin, who they raised at their home in the township of Montclair.[1] After Quentin broke an ashtray when he was 10, she considered him a destructive child. She later divorced from Ted and moved out of their home.

After her ex-husband died from cancer, she called Quentin to inform him of his father's passing before attending the funeral, where she became upset when nobody came to mourn Ted. She later got in contact with an individual interested in her late ex-husband's model plane collection and tasked her son with packing away the planes to be sold.[2]





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