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For the current version of the character, see Quentin Coldwater.

Quentin Makepeace Coldwater is a former Brakebills University professor and King of Fillory.


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Magic and Abilities


  • Master Magician: To be added
    • Magic Manipulation: Coldwater is able to shape and manipulate magic to cast spells by writing specific formations with his hands, conjuring phosphorescent constructs of energy.
      • Mending: To be added


  • Sword: During Quentin's entrance exam he was able to create a silver sword out of a stack of nickels, and at the end of The Magician's Land Quentin was able to summon the sword again using a magic coin given to him by Myakovsky and a stack of pennies to kill Ember and Umber so he could save Fillory. The sword is silver and has pale flames that play up the length of the blade that are surprisingly bright.
  • Cacodemon Trap: Coldwater was tattooed with a magical trap on his back to contain a Cacodemon that would be released to protect him when needed.
  • Alumni Key: When he graduated Quentin was given a key by Professor Henry Fogg that would allow him to return to Brakebills' campus.


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  • Father
  • Mother




  • Quentin's zodiac is Cancer.


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