"You're not Martin Chatwin, you're not The Beast, you hate The Beast."
"True. But you show up with a face full of moths and everyone loses their shit. People think that The Beast is invincible. Who wouldn't use that to their advantage?"
Alice Quinn and Quentin Coldwater[src]

Quentin Makepeace Coldwater was a former Brakebills University student and powerful Magician known as The Beast. Quentin was killed shortly after he and his friends travelled to Fillory to face Martin Chatwin, who also tore his Shade asunder in the process.

After being revived by Alice Quinn, Quentin killed The Beast and Ember, stealing the god's power and slaughtering every Magician he could find after the Old Gods turned off magic. Afterwards, Quentin discovered the Vision Key, which gave him a vision of Julia Wicker releasing an ancient evil into the universe in her quest to save magic. Coldwater later killed himself with the Leo Blade after mortally wounding Alice, not wanting to live without her.


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Death in Fillory

"The Beast, he- he tore you apart piece by piece, but not just your body, your- your Shade, everything."
Alice Quinn[src]

While attending Brakebills University, Quentin and his friends discovered Fillory existed, and decided to visit the magical world. Before leaving, Quentin managed to convince his friend Julia Wicker to go, despite her boyfriend being against it.[1] After arriving, Quentin and his friends were killed by The Beast; however, Martin tore Quentin's Shade apart as well.[2]

Ressurection and Rampage

"I was so heartbroken, I thought maybe we could fix it together once he returned. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Without his Shade, he-"
"He wasn't Quentin."
"No. He wanted Fillory for himself. So, he killed the Beast. But that wasn't enough, so he found a way to kill Ember, and steal his powers. But because he killed a God-"
"The Old Gods took magic away."
Alice Quinn and Julia Wicker[src]

Quentin was later resurrected without his Shade by Alice Quinn, who sold her soul to a creature in the Northern Marsh in exchange for the power to revive Quentin, hoping he'd try to help repair his soul. However, when Quentin returned, he went to Fillory and killed The Beast by himself. He later killed Ember, stealing the god's power in the process. Once the Old Gods took away magic in the universe, Quentin retained his powers and began killing anyone he saw as a threat to him. At some point, he modeled his appearance after the Beast, growing extra fingers and using moths to conceal his identity.[1]

Finding the Vision Key

"What makes you think he'll make a deal instead of killing you?"
"You. When he showed up here with his key killing everybody, he kept asking for you."
Julia Wicker and Marina Andrieski[src]

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Following his resurrection and his lack of a Shade, Quentin adopted a cold and analytical view on the world; one without an emotional understanding of his actions. This allowed him to brutally go on a massacre, targeting Magicians anywhere he found them, even killing all the staff and students at Brakebills University. Instead of killing Alice, Quentin let her live to torture herself for causing the deaths of others.

Magic and Abilities

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Divine Magician: Quentin Coldwater, after being resurrected without his Shade, was able to kill The Beast on his own, and later discovered a way to kill the Fillorian God Ember, somehow stealing his power in the process. As a result, Quentin became as strong as Ember and, when the Old Gods shut off the Wellspring for Ember's death, became the most powerful being in the universe. Coldwater was capable of singlehandedly massacreing everyone at Brakebills, as well as kill anyone he thought would pose a threat to him. Julia Wicker was able to harm him using the Rhinemann Ultra, although it only killed the months covering his face. The Leo Blade was powerful enough to kill him, with Coldwater stabbing himself with it after being forced to realize the destruction he had caused.

"The Beast should be here soon. He can sense magic, no way he'd miss that Tesla Flexion."
Marina Andrieski[src]





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