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"Jesus, it's like the TARDIS in here. What kind of magic are these people using?"
"Thibadeau's Planar Compression. It's really not a big deal."
Quentin Coldwater and Alice Quinn[src]

The Quinn Residence is the home to Daniel and Stephanie Quinn.


Alice Quinn's Childhood

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Purge Protocol

After watching the movie The Purge, Daniel Quinn created a heavy-duty ward spell designed to keep everyone in the house safe should anyone try to invade the house, inspired by the events of the film.[1]

Helping a Friend

While looking for a way to rescue Penny from the Neitherlands, Alice Quinn brought Quentin Coldwater to her parents' home to get in contact with Joe, her mother's Traveler lover. The two arrived during her parents' celebration of the Veneralia, the Roman celebration of the goddess of love, Venus.[2]

Trapped by the Lamphrey

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Reaching Out for Help

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