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The Rescue of Penny Adiyodi was an operation undertaken by Quentin Coldwater and Alice Quinn to save Penny Adiyodi from the Neitherlanders after he was stranded on a foreign world.


"Let's see this button."
"It looks so ordinary."
"No, I feel something coming off of it hard. You guys really don't feel that?"
"Maybe you should put it away."
"Hey, don't talk to me like I'm you. Mayakovsky trained me himself. I stay put until I want to go, period."
Penny Adiyodi, Alice Quinn, and Quentin Coldwater[src]

After visiting the Plover Residence, Quentin Coldwater, Alice Quinn, Eliot Waugh, and Penny Adiyodi learned that Christopher Plover was practicing magic to follow Martin Chatwin to Fillory. The group later discovered that George, a ghost trapped in a time slip surrounding his death, was the last person to possess a button Jane Chatwin received that would take them to Fillory even when Ember and Umber kicked them out.

After returning to Brakebills University, Adiyodi asked to see the button, and Quentin placed it on the table. Opening its case, Adiyodi commented on the energy he felt radiating from the button, wondering why none of the others could feel it. When Adiyodi reached for the button, Coldwater suggested they put the button away, but Adiyodi stated his training by Professor Mayakovsky meant he could control when he Traveled. As Adiyodi proceeded to touch the button, he disappeared from the Physical Kids' Cottage, and Coldwater dryly remarked that he warned him not to.[1]


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