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"You may address me as Reynard the Fox. Trickster of the faithful, the pure of heart – the very stupid."
―Reynard the Fox[src]

Reynard the Fox is the son of Persephone and a former Trickster god. In the years following Persephone's disappearance from Earth, Reynard grew to resent his mother for abandoning him, causing him to target her followers in retaliation.


Early Life

Reynard was created by the Old God Persephone thousands of years ago. When Persephone and the other Old Gods disappeared, Reynard felt that Persephone abandoned him and began targeting the Magicians that prayed to his mother.

Rampage on the East Coast

During the 1980s, Reynard's crusade against Persephone's followers brought him to the United States of America, where he would slaughter hedge witches along the Eastern coast.

Banishment from Earth

One of the Hedge witches group Reynard targeted had him sexually assault Dana Wallens who became pregnant with his child.  In the dawn of the 19th of August 1979, the woman gave birth to Reynard's Son in Hoboken, New Jersey harnessing the magical energy from the childbirth, she banished him away from Earth. This created a massive fire in the Hoboken Industrial place and only the building where the woman has remained intact. [1]

Dana would give the baby in adoption, unable to raise him as her son, and he would become senator John Gaines[2]

Return to Earth

Reynard would stay banished for over 30 years until a group of Hedge Witches named Free Trader Beowulf will learn about gods and goddesses and try to seek Persephone. Reynard will trick them into believing they are casting a summoning spell for Persephone but it will summon him, breaking away the banishment charm, and bringing him back to Earth.

Murder of Free Trader Beowulf

The Free Trader Beowulf had planned a summoning to talk to Persephone but was tricked into summoning Reynard. Upon his arrival, cloaked as Persephone he blocked any spellcasting ability the group had. Then Reynard removed Richard Corrigan heart from his chest before taking his appearance, he then killed Silver, Bender and Menolly in one slashing spell, leaving only Kady Orliff-Diaz and Julia Wicker to his mercy.

As he approaches Kady Orloff-Diaz, Julia Wicker put herself between the two of them to protect her. This makes her the new target of the trickster god who will rape her while Kady Orloff-Diaz flee the scene. [3] This sexual assault will make Julia Wicker pregnant, just as it happened with Dana Wallens[4]

=Senator John Gaines

Reynard ends up going to see Dana Wallens and inquire of his child, as well as get his revenge for her banishment. [5] Dana never says where and who the child is, despite the torture inflicted on her.[6]

He discovers that his child is he senator John Gaines and tries to get to him, only to discover that he is protected inside of Brakebills wards. He tries to talk to him in his mind so he comes to see him of his own will. Seeing that he refuses, Reynard breaks the wards of the magical school and gets inside. He faces Julia Wicker who throw Quentin Coldwater, who has Alice Quinn as a niffin inside him, to kill him. This doesn't work as Quentin refuses to free Alice. As Reynard is getting ready to kill him, John Gaines shows himself and bargain that he follows him if he do not harm any of them. Reynard gladly accepts. [7]

Alone with his son, he put himself in the close circle of the senator, even showing up in the background as a staff during press conferences. He explains to his son the range of his power and how to manipulate and trick people into giving him what they want. This leads to John trying to mind control Senator Cowden who will die of a heart attack. The day after, John confront Reynard about this power and if it affected his wife as well. Reynard admits that one of his power is persuasion and he might have used it all his life without noticing. [8]

John is really distraught by the news and then confront him towards his findings on the internet about him being a trickster and raping women. They get into a vivid argument where Persephone's subject comes to the table and where Reynard shows its true colors. [9] This will terrify the senator who will run to Brakebills and commit suicide in order to stop his own father. [10]

Persephone's Return

Kady Orloff-Diaz and Julia Wicker trick Reynard into showing up to the center of a series of meteorological events that usually announce the return of Persephone on Earth. As Julia Wicker have him at gunpoint with a god-killing bullet, Persephone freeze time and show up for the first time in centuries. She will ask Julia mercy for her son which will be granted. Persephone then takes Reynards away with her as they disappear from Earth. [11]

The Punishment

As a punishment for all the atrocities he did, Persephone will remove his magic and give it to Julia. She will then abandon him back on Earth, powerless and yet still hard to kill. His step-father Hades will come to visit to give him the gun with the god-killing bullet so he could commit suicide. [12]

Instead of killing himself, Reynard starts to live as a mortal, in a small apartment, paying his bills by working as a pizza delivery worker. Julia, Kady and Penny 23 will find him in order to learn about Castle Blackspire. This is where he discovers that with his power, Julia is on the path to becoming a goddess. He tries to use the god-killing bullet on her but she outpower him as she has magic and he doesn't. [13]

As we know now, he is still powerless, working as a delivery pizza worker, away from any god power he once had.


"You looked me up, says trickster. See, that's honest. Yes, I fuck with the weak. You know what that does? Improves the herd."
―Reynard the Fox[src]
Reynard the Fox is a conniving and deceitful god who delights in causing mayhem. He's sneaky and violent, capable of doing heinous actions without remorse. He has been shown to have an appetite for human flesh, a trait he relishes. He is filled with immense anger towards mortals that revere 'Our Lady Underground', his mother the goddess Persephone, and due to the love he once had for her and the pain from her abandonment of him, he believes that he is 'teaching' mortals worshiping her.

Magic and Abilities

Given his nature as a trickster, Reynard is a master of disguises and transformations of all sorts. His magical abilities were very advanced, allowing him to be almost omnipotent. Like other gods, Reynard is able to bestow upon a magician a boost of magic via absorption of his Essence, making them as powerful as a Master Magician. However, his divinity doesn't mean he is invincible, as he is able to be banished or killed by powerful spells, as well as other gods. Also, he is shown to be susceptible to The Beast's Paralysis spell, though he was fighting against the spell, and eventually would've broken free.

  • Divine Physiology: As a Deity, Reynard possessed an unfathomable degree of physical and magical ability. He has since lost his divine magic as a result of his mother transferring his spark to Julia Wicker. By his own a admission, he is still a god, albeit a powerless one, that still requires extreme means to be killed.

Former Powers

  • Divine Magician: Reynard has shown to be above the capability of even Master Magicians, able to execute magic with slight movements. Reynard uses his magic as a natural extension of himself, able to inflict harm on others and invade and control humans minds. As a Trickster god, this usually manifests as a sadistic game of cat-and-mouse with the victim of his choosing, though he notably uses his magic for minor tasks, such as restraining and cornering his prey, while he maims them physically. He's capable of slaughtering a group of people in a matter of seconds and is currently inhabiting the body of Richard Corrigan, having killed him and devoured his heart. The limits of his abilities are not yet known, if there are any.
    • Magic Augmentation: Reynard is able to boost a Magician's magic for a limited time to a level equal to Master Magicians.
    • Possession: After killing Richard Corrigan, Reynard was able to possess his body to use as a vessel.
    • Shapeshifting: Reynard could assume the form of others, such as when he appeared as Persephone to fool Julia Wicker.
    • Invisibility: Reynard was able to conceal his presence from mortals, notably doing so to follow Marina Andrieski, revealing himself after she sealed her apartment from the inside with protective wards.
    • Compulsion: Reynard was easily able to project his thoughts into the minds of others and overpower their will, able to dismiss John Gaines' campaign party from Gaines' office with a single command.
  • Enhanced Senses: Reynard possessed enhanced senses, allowing him to detect Quentin Coldwater hiding behind a tree while confronting Julia, and later track his son to the campus of Brakebills University due to the school's wards failing. Reynard can sense the inner workings of a human soul, as he was able to tell that Julia's Shade was missing, as well as to detect the presence of Alice Quinn within the Cacodemon Trap on Quentin's back.
    • Prayer Tracking: Reynard was able to detect and intercept the prayers to Persephone, whom he masqueraded as to kill her followers. After Julia and Kady unmasked the presence of Dana, Reynard was able to quickly pick up her location.


  • Gifted Intelligence: Reynard is extremely cunning, to the point that, Martin Chatwin suggested to Julia to change her tactic for summoning Our Lady Underground, as he deduced that Reynard would recognize the workings of the ritual as being the same as the one performed by Free Trader Beowulf, and wouldn't fall for their trap. Reynard was able to utilize Martin Chatwin's paralysis technique on others after having it performed on him. He often uses his intelligence to fool mortals, ultimately to their demise.






  • Reynard The Fox is a legendary character found in a famous cycle of tales in Dutch, German, English and French during the medieval period, known for his cunning and for being one of the most important literary examples of the "trickster" archetype. In modern literature he is primarily known for being used in anti-Semitic propaganda, contributing to create a negative reputation to the character.


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