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"No one but you can be within twenty feet of the blast. It will kill anyone, including your Beast. As strong as he is, you're stronger, but not for long."
Bigby to Alice Quinn

The Rhinemann Ultra is a powerful Fillorian Battle Magic spell used by Rupert Chatwin to win the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.


To be added The spell was cast by Alice Quinn when she faced Martin Chatwin in Fillory in an attempt to kill him. Due to Julia Wickers interference, Martin was able to partially dodge the spell, instead sustaining severe tissue damage to his left arm which rendered him able to cast only with his right hand.

The spell was later cast by Julia Wicker against Quintin Coldwater when he had become the Beast which destroyed the swarm of moths surrounding his face.


The Rhinemann Ultra is found in the Armory of Castle Whitespire. It can only be executed by a Master Magician. The spell creates a series of golden symbols which grow in size as the spell is charged. Once fully powered, the symbols coalesce to create a concentrated blast of energy which reduces all organic matter within a 20 foot radius to ash. Magicians not capable of summoning the necessary magical energy to cast the spell will be overwhelmed by it, becoming a Niffin in the process. More inexperienced Magicians are able to circumvent this requirement by imbibing the essence of a God to temporarily gain advanced powers. [1]



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