Santa Claus' Sleigh is a cherry red and gold sleigh drawn by nine Reindeer. The sleigh and reindeer are able to fly through the air and travel between worlds, allowing Santa Claus to distribute toys to young children throughout the Multiverse.


Visiting the Neitherlands

"This one guy, he rode a sled pulled by flying- what do you call them? Not zebra. Rendeer."
"Santa Claus?"
Eve and Penny[src]

During his search for an honest soul, Santa Claus traveled through a fountain in the Neitherlands, where he met Eve, who later recalled the event to Penny.[1]

Escape from the Library of the Neitherlands

Nick escaping in his sleigh

Santa Claus escapes into the Neitherlands.

"I'm telling you, I saw a reindeer-driven sleigh fly away. Alice and Nick are gone."

After finding his Book in the Library of the Neitherlands, Santa Claus escaped from the facility through the chimney in Zelda Schiff's office. Finding his sleigh, Claus flew off into the Neitherlands, passing over Phyllis, who reported the sighting to the Governing Council.[2]


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