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"The spell is called a Scarlatti Web. We cannot break it. No one can."
Henry Fogg[src]

The Scarlatti Web is a powerful spell that traps the caster's target inside a dark prison within their own mind that shapes itself to psychologically destroy the target.


The Scarlatti Web is a powerful spell requiring cooperative casting.[1] According to Richard Corrigan, the spell can also be used for benevolent purposes, such as creating a psychic medium for Julia Wicker to communicate with a catatonic magician in a rehabilitation facility.[2] The spell can only be broken by summoning a Matarese from the Underworld.


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When Eliot Waugh and Quentin Coldwater are tasked with retrieving a book from the Brakebills Library, they are led to a hedge witch safehouse where they encounter Pete and Julia alongside other hedge witches. The book is recovered by the pair and Quentin storms outside in sheer disappointment, where Julia follows shortly after. The two engage in a heated argument which leaves Julia frustrated and hurt. Marina discovers this, and with Julia's assistance, they proceed to ensnare Quentin in a Scarlotti Web.[citation needed]

Some time after, Julia meets Richard Corrigan in a rehabilitation center where he reveals himself to be a magician. The two work together in hopes to make up for their past wrongs. It is then that Richard reminds Julia of the time she used a Scarlotti Web on her best friend, which can instead be used for philanthropic purposes. Richard takes Julia to an institution for the elderly and disabled where they meet Kira. Richard prepares the Scarlotti Web and Julia enters Kira's mind to gather information. The act later forces Julia to make an incredibly hard decision.


Creating vivid auditory and visual hallucinations, distorting reality, manipulating the target's memories, reaching the far ends of the person's subconscious, inducing fear, anxiety or pleasure into the target's senses, prolonged affliction leading to coma.


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