For the Fillory and Further book of the same name, see The Secret Sea.
"Okay, so the... the reservoir."
"Yes, well, that's what Martin called it. I thought it lacked a certain poetry, so I renamed it the Secret Sea."
Quentin Coldwater and Christopher Plover[src]

The Secret Sea, also known as the Reservoir, was a magical cistern built by Roderick, the 13th King of Fillory, to hoard the magic of the Wellspring. It was later drained by Everett Rowe in his attempt to become a god.


Roderick's Secret Chamber

"The Secret Sea was built by the 13th king of Fillory to consolidate power for himself. Martin wanted to make sure that no one ever tried to do the same thing again so he drained the Secret Sea, using the last few drops to set a trap for anyone who might one day try to refill it. A curse."
Christopher Plover[src]

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Drained by Everett Rowe

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