Sheila Cozener is a Junior Librarian in the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands and a friend of Alice Quinn.


Cozener met Quinn when the latter appeared at her home to rent a room and later learned Quinn was a Magician after the discovery that Cozener was a Quaeromancer. With Quinn's help, Cozener was able to begin using magic to help others and was approached by Gavin to join the Library, who tasked her with convincing Quinn to join and lead the Order after the death of its leader, Everett Rowe.


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Magic and Abilities


  • Magician: Sheila Cozener is a neophyte Magician, having gained access to her magic shortly after the Great Blank Spot. Cozener was able to purify the contaminated water of Modesto with Alice Quinn after her first time learning how to cast spells, and was quickly recruited by the Order of the Library of the Neitherlands for a position as Librarian. As explained by Alice Quinn, Cozener's discipline is Quaeromancy, an extremely rare discipline that allows Cozener to sense and locate hidden or lost items.
    • Magic Manipulation: Cozener is able to shape and manipulate the energy of the Wellspring to cast spells by writing specific formations with her hands, forming phosphorescent constructs of energy.
      • Dowsing: As a Quaeromancer, Cozener is able to locate lost or hidden objects with ease. After losing her keys, Cozener stated she instinctually knew exactly where they were. She was later able to locate a tin box buried in the woods by scanning the area, as well as locate a leaking pipe on one of the Order's Junction Boxes, allowing Alice to release more ambient magic into the area.




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