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"Wait, who's that?"
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"Abigail mentioned you have many fairy guests these days."
"Guests, hostile occupying force, tomato, tomahto."
"I presume you wish to extend the most elegant level of hospitality."
"Do I?"
"For this reason, I make you aware of the corridor built by High Queen Chen-Li the Bookish, of rare stone from the Shivering Sea."
Rafe and Margo Hanson[src]

The Shivering Sea is a sea in Fillory.


"Unfortunately, certain species are allergic to the substance."
"How allergic?"
"Violently, your majesty."
"Good to know."
"We advise that your guests cannot tolerate that area so if you are looking for them, they will undoubtedly be somewhere else."
Rafe and Margo Hanson[src]

The Shivering Sea was visited by High Queen Chen-Li the Bookish, who collected rare stones from the seafloor to build a corridor in Castle Whitespire that Fairies couldn't enter due to their violent allergic reaction to the stone. Rafe later told Margo Hanson of her predecessor's precautions against the Fairies, allowing her and High King Eliot Waugh to speak in private away from the Fairy Queen.[1]

Hanson later tasked Tick Pickwick with collecting shavings of the corridor's walls to poison the Fairy Queen.[2]


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